Are you waiting for a piece of machinery ordered six or more months ago? You’re not alone. Shipping companies everywhere are struggling to fulfill their orders due to port congestion and steadily climbing sales.

Sadly, the shipping container backup is causing delays in delivery to national retailers and supply chains. As a result, countless companies are forced to raise their prices to offset the high demand for their limited machining inventory. Don’t let shipping and delivery delays impact your next project or wreck your year-end budget. Ready your machining inventory today with LeBlond and K.O. Lee machine tools.


In Stock Machining Inventory at LeBlond


Everything changed in 2020. Fortunately, LeBlond’s finance experts forecasted the same delays and price increases that retailers are experiencing now with precise certainty. To prepare, LeBlond ordered sufficient machinery well in advance. For LeBlond, that means more customers. For you, that means savings and quicker delivery just in time to finish that project, draft your quarterly and year-end reports, and publish your forecasted earnings. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Why LeBlond Machinery?


New to LeBlond? Welcome! We’re here for you with technical advice and on-site support regarding all your machine tool questions and needs.

We offer a massive variety of metal cutting lathes, in addition to new LeBlond and K.O. Lee manual machine tools. Backed by 130 years of respected service and lasting performance, our durable tools are sure to exceed your machinery expectations within budget. Here are a few LeBlond machine tools currently available and ready for shipping:


LeBlond Mills


Make every penny count with a LeBlond Vertical Mill. The LVM 9, 10, and 12 Series LeBlond Manual Vertical Mills models are durable and economical, with various table sizes to suit your requirements.

If shipping delays have already stunted your project’s progress, the LeBlond CNC Mill can help. With a CNC mill, you can machine en masse instead of a series of one-off workpieces.


LeBlond Saws


Speed matters, especially when sawing various types of materials. The LeBlond Horizontal Metal Band Saw and LeBlond Vertical Band Saw have variable speed settings for handling the most demanding materials and metals.

Worried these saws won’t cut it? Give the saw’s blades a whirl with our one-year parts and service warranty to protect your investment.


LeBlond Ltd Lathes


LeBlond is best known for high-quality lathes for any sized project. In fact, lathes are our specialty.

Prepping for a larger job? Check out the RKL heavy-duty engine lathe.

High-speed metal and heavy-duty lathes are perfect with swings up to 30 inches if you need something with exact precision.


K.O. Lee Grinders


LeBlond also supplies K.O. Lee surface grinders with manual and/or automatic operation from a 6” x 18”  table all the way up to a 15.7” x 31.5” model with larger capacity.

If you need to sharpen tool bits, milling cutters or other cutting tools, consider the K.O. Lee 40M or 60M tool and cutter grinder.


Get in Touch



Avoid shipping container pileups by finding your machine tools at LeBlond who has available machinery inventory

The team of machinery professionals at LeBlond knows that selecting the right machinery or part can be confusing or overwhelming. We also know that, for experienced machinists, choosing just one piece of machinery is like asking a kid to choose one piece of candy.

But, that’s why LeBlond is here. We’re ready to help and ready to ship at affordable prices. Don’t let shipping or port delays hurt your wallet. Give LeBlond a call today at +1 (888) 532-5663 and select Option 2 to get an inexpensive, much-needed machine tool now!