A metal band saw is an ideal tool for any machinist or machine shop and can cut virtually any type of metal from steel to aluminum. With any metal or any task, it rocks a heavy, durable blade.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Metal Band Saw

With a horizontal metal band saw like LeBlond’s LHS10 with 10” round capacity, the workpiece is held stationary while the blade is swung down to make a cut. A horizontal band saw like the LHS10 is ideally used to cut pipe, bar stock and other materials to length.

With a vertical metal band saw like LeBlond’s LVS-50, the blade is stationary while the workpiece is moved across the 23.6” x 19.6” table to cut out complex shapes and angles.

LeBlond’s horizontal or vertical models are sturdy, large floor versions, not benchtop or wheeled models meant to be mobile.

LHS10 Horizontal Band Saws

LeBlond’s horizontal metal band is built with versatility and power. The robust 2.0 HP main drive motor features manual or variable speeds.

The variable speed settings allow an operator to select the best speed setting depending on the metal he or she is cutting. For example, steel and brass requires a low speed around 120ft/min while aluminum is best cut at about 198ft/min.

The machine is sturdy enough to handle demanding jobs, weighing 794 lbs. with shipping dimensions of 74” x 30” x 44.”

The LHS10 features:

  • Swiveling vises where the jaws can be rotated at various degrees to lock down the workpiece, allowing the operator to make varying cut angles
  • A cutting capacity at 90° of 9.84” while 7.48” at 45°
  • A blade size of 1.062” x .035” x 130”

LVS-50 Vertical Band Saws

LeBlond’s vertical metal band saw, like the LHS10, has the power to handle demanding jobs with a 2.0 HP main drive motor. It weighs 794 lbs. The blade length is 153” with a width of 0.118 – 0.629.” The blade speed is variable with a low range between 20-85 m/min and a high range between 120-500 m/min.

The standard accessories include:

  • Saw blade butt welder with integrated annealing unit
  • Blade shear and grinder
  • Brush for cleaning lower wheel drive
  • Low-voltage LED work light

LeBlond Band Saw Commonalities

Whether you are looking for a horizontal unit, vertical one or both, our band saws share:

  • Electrics of 230V/460V/3PH/60Hz
  • One-year Parts and Service Warranty

Interested in receiving more information on the LHS10 or LVS-50 metal band saws, or another LeBlond or K.O. Lee machine? Please visit our home page or call (888) 532-5663 and dial extension 2 for New Machine Sales. We look forward to hearing from you!