Johnson Press & Deka Drill



LeBlond Ltd provides OEM parts for Deka Drill including drill press spindle replacements as well as Johnson Press OEM parts including punch press parts.

LeBlond Ltd acquired the Johnson Press and Deka Drill service parts businesses from South Bend Lathe in September 2001.  Subsequently service parts inventory and documentation were relocated to LeBlond’s plant in Amelia, Ohio.


Deka Drill Press Service Parts & Johnson Press Parts


The Johnson Machine and Press Division of Bontrager was formed in Elkhart, Indiana in 1937.  Although the presses were originally called B & J Press, they were renamed Johnson after the chief engineer.

Early presses were light tonnage O.B.I. (open back inclinable) in the 16 to 60 ton range and were manufactured exclusively with a mechanical pin type clutch.  O.B.I. presses in sizes to 90 ton capacity were added in the late 1940’s. In the early 1950’s, air clutches were offered on Johnson presses and in 1953, the 116 ton capacity Model 10 press was introduced with an air clutch as standard equipment.  Also a flywheel or back geared drive was made available. In 1955, heavy duty tie rod constructed straight side and gap presses were added.

The 150 O.B.I. press was introduced in 1956 and horn adjustable bed presses in 1957. The Johnson Press plant was moved from Elkhart to a former Studebaker plant in South Bend, Indiana in 1957.  Subsequently South Bend Lathe purchased the Johnson Press line and manufactured the product until mid 2002.



Deka Drill was started in Circero, Illinois by the five Sainati brothers.  In 1968, South Bend Lathe purchased the Deka Drill product line.

There are three primary Deka Drill models; e.g. a 5 horsepower model HRG712-14 that offers 14 hex driver/spindle take offs, a 10 or 15 horsepower model HRG1222-18 that offers 18 hex driver/spindle take offs and a 10 or 15 horsepower model HRG1222-28 that offers 28 hex driver/spindle take offs.

All models have two important benefits; the spindles don’t deflect and the tables efficiently move the workpiece up to the cutting tools to perform a wide variety of operations including drilling, tapping, dwelling, spot facing, counterboring and chamfering. In the early 2000’s South Bend Lathe discontinued production of Deka Drills due to a change in focus and strategy.

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