Leblond Ad - Standard Modern Lathes, Inc.
Standard Machine & Tool was founded in 1931 by two partners in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  In 1935, an unrelated company began operations in Toronto as Modern Tools Works.  Staveley Industries, a British company, purchased both Standard Machine & Tool Ltd. and Modern Tool Works Ltd. in 1955.  The combined entity was incorporated under the name Standard Modern Tool Company Ltd. with operations in Toronto.

In the late 1950’s, Standard Modern Tool Company Ltd. worked with Atomic Energy of Canada to develop the technology to manufacture fueling machines.  As a result of this cooperative agreement, the  company  manufactured  machines for on-power refueling of “Candu” nuclear reactors.
During the 1970’s, Standard Modern tool designed and manufactured Canada’s first numerically controlled (NC) lathe. In the late 1970’s, as a result of a cooperative with Canadian General Electric, the company developed a computer numerically controlled (CNC) lathe.

In 1981, Standard Modern Tool Company was purchased by Baxter Technologies and was renamed STANDARD MODERN Technologies.  During this era, a light-duty slant bed CNC lathe called the CNC 1420 was produced.  This lathe was sold to both the educational and industrial markets.  Then in 1985, a larger CNC lathe was manufactured, complete with automatic tool changing and “in-process” gauging.
In 1987, an employee group purchased STANDARD MODERN Technologies and operated the company until 1996.  Peekay Holdings Ltd. then bought the company and the name was changed to Kestrel Machine Tools Inc.

In December 1999, LeBlond Ltd. obtained the service parts business as a part of its strategy to support additional product lines.With over 17,000 Standard Modern installations in North America, Standard Modern lathes are being used extensively  in precision, high tech machine shops as well as by both the Canadian and United States military.  Also, many technical colleges and trade schools are using Standard Modern lathes.

Standard Modern Lathes Inc continues to manufacture both manual and CNC lathes.  LeBlond is a distributor of Standard Modern Lathes and can provide you with the right lathe to meet you production requirements.

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