For over 130 years, LeBlond has been a leader in manual machine tools. You know us for primarily for manual lathes.

This year, we are excited to make the leap into CNC (computer numerical control) machinery. This week we would like to highlight our CNC mill.

LVM 9” x 48” Mill with CNC Control

The LeBlond CNC mill has a 9” x 48” table like its manual mill sister. Unlike the 9” x 48” conventional unit, this unit has 3-axis CNC Control.

All-in-One CNC Milling Machine

LeBlond’s LVM 9” x 48” Mill with CNC Control is a fully functioning digital readout (DRO) or a programmable CNC control or both. The machine is insanely easy to use and program. A machinist can:

  • Maintain the ability to operate the machine manually or
  • Transition to CNC control for jobs that repeat

Easily Programmable CNC Mill

The learning curve on this machine is negligible. A machinist needs no previous programming experience to get it up and running. The LVM 9” x 48” Mill with CNC Control:

  • Includes available offline software
  • Allows you to go from sketch to program to finished part in minutes
  • Allows for faster set-ups, shorter run times, resulting in greater productivity

LeBlond’s CNC Mill Will Be YOUR Computer Overlord

Our mill has enough computer firepower that it rivals Skynet. The machine is USB and Ethernet compatible and possesses:

  • 12.1” high resolution display with 3D graphics
  • 1.4 GHz processor
  • 1.25 MB CNC user memory

Sold! Now What?

So you’re duly impressed with the LVM 9” x 48” Mill with CNC Control and you want to see how much it costs?

We encourage you to check it out and try out our new online customized quote system. You can click the “Add to Quote” button on any product page and we will get back to you with cost and a complete machine quote.

LeBlond aims to be a true supplier for all your machine needs. If you want pricing and more information on, say, a lathe, drill press and K.O. Lee Surface Grinder combined, just add to your shopping cart and we will price out all your options.

Save During Our Spring Sale

And, finally, we offer one last layer of icing to the cake!

We currently have a Spring Sale with 15% off machines, 40% off K.O. Lee Expanding Mandrels and 10% off parts. Contact us and we will we help out whether it’s a CNC mill or parts for your reliable old Regal that has been chugging along for years!