About Us

LeBlond Ltd. – A Tradition of Excellence

Leblond Ltd. machine tool company logo on metal plate attached to antique Leblond machine
In 1887, R. K. LeBlond founded the R. K. LeBlond Machine Tool Company to manufacture metal cutting lathes. As a result of a joint venture with Makino Milling Machine, LeBlond Makino Machine Tool Company was formed in 1981.

In 1996, LeBlond Makino Machine Tool Company changed its name to Makino. Then in 1997, LeBlond Lathe Parts was founded to focus on the service and support of all LeBlond lathe equipment manufactured since 1887.

In 1998, after acquiring the W. F. & John Barnes Company, the company’s name was changed to LeBlond Ltd to reflect a broader business purpose.

 LeBlond Ltd continued its acquisition strategy by acquiring the following service parts businesses:

  • Standard Modern Lathe in 1999
  • Johnson Press and Deka Drill from South Bend Lathe in 2001
  • South Bend Lathe and Dynablast in March 2002
  • (Note: These product lines were sold to South Bend Inc on March 23, 2009.)
  • K.O. Lee in June 2008

LeBlond Ltd’s product support team had collectively 160 years of service with LeBlond Machine Tool Company, LeBlond Makino and Makino. Thus, we have an extensive product knowledge of LeBlond lathes and are here to make sure your LeBlond machines continue to provide the performance for which the LeBlond name is recognized. We maintain $2,500,000 of quality OEM parts to ensure quick delivery and minimize production downtime. 80% of parts are shipped same day. LeBlond Ltd’s extensive documentation means you receive the right parts manufactured to original specifications. We offer technical advice, trouble shooting and can provide field service on-site support as well as remanufacture your LeBlond lathe to original specifications.

LeBlond Ltd also offers thousands of quality accessory and tooling items for your turning requirements. If you are in the market for additional turning capacity, please review our Pre-Owned Lathe page.

LeBlond Ltd’s goal is to provide quality product support services in order to keep your LeBlond and Standard Modern lathes, K.O. Lee, W.F. & John Barnes, Johnson Press and Deka Drill equipment in top operating condition. Whether your machine tools are five years old or fifty, we are delighted to provide you with the products and services required to keep your machine in production. Please browse our website and give us a call. Whether it is parts, field service, technical support, accessories, tooling, rebuilds or pre-owned LeBlond lathes, LeBlond Ltd’s staff is here to serve you with quality products and services.