This blog post is part of a regular series called Staff Spotlight where we highlight the vast experience and skills of the LeBlond Ltd. staff that give the company a record of exceptional customer service unlike any other firm in the machine tool industry.

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He has made beautiful tables out of vintage whiskey barrels, avoided having his toe painted with nail polish by his daughter’s friends and oversaw the transfer of over 20,000 parts to LeBlond’s headquarters in Amelia, Ohio. His name is Marty Schubert and he is LeBlond Ltd.’s Everyman.

Schubert grew up in Southern California and moved to Northern Kentucky to work as a Plant Manager at Plymouth Steel when the company relocated. In the early 1990’s, he left the steel business and began working for a book company where he was introduced to warehousing. In 1997, LeBlond separated from Makino. LeBlond Ltd. was formed and the new company needed somebody to help with warehousing.

Schubert got involved and eventually oversaw all the tagging and numbering of parts from LeBlond’s initial move and subsequent purchases of Standard Modern lathes in 1999, Johnson Press in 2001, South Bend Lathe in 2002 (LeBlond sold this product line back to South Bend in 2009) and K.O. Lee in 2008.

Schubert estimates that he has handled over 20,000 SKU’s (stock keeping units) or part numbers from LeBlond Ltd.’s nearly two decades of acquisitions. According to Schubert, managing the complex identification and transfer of these parts is a complex process.

“The biggest challenge is that we wanted to make sure that all the parts were identified properly like we did when LeBlond Ltd. was first formed,” says Schubert. “It’s always the accuracy of the part numbers and counts when transferring the inventory. It’s a learning process acquiring the knowledge of the different product lines.”

In his spare time, Schubert enjoys coaching and woodworking. He warns all grown men from his experience and that of his fellow coaches to never fall asleep in the team van when travelling to a match with a team full of teenage girls unless you want to wake up and find out that all your toenails have been painted or your shoelaces tied together.

Schubert ‘s parents were involved in woodworking and he has picked up the craft. He made a bar in his home out of whiskey barrels as legs and a beautiful piece of curly maple as the bar top. Several friends have dropped by Schubert’s place and asked if he could replicate a similar piece in their homes. Schubert declined, wanting the originality of the piece to remain in his adobe.

If you’re looking for person who can comment intelligently on Amish country furniture or someone who knows how to avoid getting fouled up in teenage pranks, Marty Schubert is your Everyman and LeBlond Ltd. is proud to have him as a knowledgeable and skilled Customer Service Representative.

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