This blog post is part of a regular series called Staff Spotlight where we highlight the vast experience and skills of the LeBlond Ltd. staff that give the company a record of exceptional customer service unlike any other firm in the machine tool industry.

LeBlond Ltd. Customer Service Representative John Cook has been all over the world servicing LeBlond manual lathes and other machine tools. He travelled as far as Saudi Arabia where he played golf in the desert. Cook describes the country as “all sand” to the point where there is no actual grass anywhere on the golf courses. Golfers have to carry a piece of Astro turf around with them to tee off of from the sand when playing in the oil-rich kingdom.

When he’s not golfing, bowling or tinkering with his friend’s cars, Cook can be found troubleshooting customer requests at LeBlond Ltd. The Cincinnati native has approximately forty years of experience with LeBlond manual lathes and other machine tools.

He started at LeBlond in 1971, hired to assemble 15”, 19” and 24”-Regal lathes. He then worked as a Runoff Inspector for three or so years. From this position, he transitioned to a Field Service Engineer for nearly a decade where he travelled all over this country as well as the world, including the stint in Saudi Arabia, where he serviced LeBlond manual lathes. In the ‘90s, Cook served an over-the-phone technician, a role that he still does much of with his current responsibilities at LeBlond Ltd.

Cook estimates that he has served nearly a thousand LeBlond machines over-the-phone or in person in his forty plus years of experience. This skill and training gives Cook unrivaled know-how in addressing customer issues He puts his expertise to use off the phone as well, performing many of the K.O. Lee spindle and LeBlond lathe apron and QC Box rebuilds at the company.

In his free time, Cook has a two handicap and a 212 bowling average. He also tinkers with the cars of his friends who can rely on a man skilled with tools whether they are manual machine ones or a mechanic’s set.

From Saudi golf courses that are one giant sand trap to handling customer issues over the phone at LeBlond Ltd. headquarters in Amelia, Ohio, Cook has done it all and is a unique resource for LeBlond customers who value knowledge and experience with a distinct personality.

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