This blog post is part of a regular series called Staff Spotlight where we highlight the vast experience and skills of the LeBlond Ltd. staff that give the company a record of exceptional customer service unlike any other firm in the machine tool industry.

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DeWitt Engle is General Manager of LeBlond Ltd. and has over 35 years of experience in the machine tool industry.

Engle began his professional experience teaching math at a junior high level for eight years. He was also involved in a work-study program at the school. Engle joined LeBlond Machine Tool Company in August 1977. In an email, Engle writes that he “developed [his] machine tool industry knowledge by performing customer demos in the LeBlond Showroom and by operating a lathe at several machine tool shows.”

In 1978, Engle moved up to a supervisor position in the LeBlond Machine Tool Parts Department. By November 1997, Engle became General Manager of LeBlond Lathe Parts Ltd. that eventually became LeBlond Ltd., the machine tool manufacturer and parts supplier in the Cincinnati suburb of Amelia.

The company has a reputation for providing quality products and service, and Engle considers LeBlond’s “ability to support … customers’ older machine tools as ‘best in class.’”

Engle is proud of his ability to serve effectively as “captain of the ship.”

“As manager, I have broad and extensive knowledge of the company’s products, processes, services, systems and facility management,” Engle writes. “I understand and promote the company’s strategic objectives.”

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