Looking for a machine tools supplier?

LeBlond is your all-in-one supercenter of machine tool equipment. And you don’t have to worry about where your car is in a five-acre parking lot or how to scan produce at the DIY checkout!

Look at your typical big box store supercenter. It stocks about 120,000 varieties of goods. The online version has millions more, providing you with limitless items for you to shop from.

Doing all your buying in one location can be a real big stress reliever. Why visit so many stores to shop when you can buy all you need in one place?

LeBlond Is More Than Lathes

LeBlond is well-known in the machine tools industry for selling new lathes as well as OEM parts for LeBlond, K.O. Lee and other product lines. When it comes to new machinery, we supply not just lathes but the whole suite of machine tools.

Recently, LeBlond launched a whole range of machine tool products every business needs to complete their machine shop to handle whatever job your client brings to the table.

1.     LeBlond CNC Mill

LeBlond’s latest programmable CNC mills is a fully functional all-in-one CNC milling machine. This mill allows you to easily transition to the CNC control for jobs that require frequent repetition, and you can also manually operate it easily.

2.     LeBlond Metal Band Saw

This saw is the perfect asset for every machinist looking to cut any type of metal. This saw has two categories – the horizontal metal band saw and the vertical metal band saw. All the saw categories are versatile and powerful, ripping through metal with no effort.

3.     LeBlond LPD-25VS Drill Press

This best drill press is an inverter variable rocket-fast drilling machine. It’s great for drilling holes and the perfect tool for other tasks like sanding, honing and polishing.

Benefits of One Machine Tools Supplier

Shopping at LeBlond gives you a hassle-free experience. It’s a one-stop shop that helps you protect your machine tool investments. How?

  • Buying from LeBlond saves you the burden of dealing with multiple vendors and an avalanche of paperwork. The process becomes simpler with fewer vendors to grapple with.
  • Working with an all-in-one machine tool supplier also helps you save costs on freight and gives you protection for all your machines.
  • You no longer have to track single shipments or work with multiple delivery companies.
  • LeBlond uses the Load and Protect service or ships your items on a dedicated flatbed.
  • You no longer have to subject your items to potential damage by working with multiple suppliers doing it on the cheap with LTL freight.

Attention, Clean Up on Aisle 9 …

With machinery, parts and service all under one roof, LeBlond gives you the supercenter experience without the spectacle of pandas kickboxing each other in the frozen food section.

As your all-in-one machine tools supplier, we make your shopping experience seamless and hassle-free, plus your machines get to you intact while you save on freight charges.

If you have any questions on our machinery, please call (888) 532-5663 and dial Option 2. We look forward to hearing from you!