Need a new manual lathe?

Before you throw down your hard-earned cash on a machine tool, just remember Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law.

The German physicist came up with these laws of electrical circuits in the late 19th century and KVL states that the sum of voltage rising equals the sum of all voltage dropping in a closed circuit.

What does this have to do with a new manual lathe?

Life is not a closed circuit. Flows get interrupted. Stuff happens.

A New Manual Lathe with Post-Sale Support

After buying a new manual lathe, you will likely need parts or service at some point in the life of machine. LeBlond is a strong choice for a new manual lathe because of our outstanding parts support and service once the machine ships.

If you are located in the United States, your new lathe will be covered by a one-year parts and service warranty.

If you reside in Canada, Mexico or elsewhere outside the U.S., your lathe is covered with a two-year parts warranty. If you need service, we can troubleshoot via phone and email.

We recently had an international customer that wasn’t that familiar with how a lathe worked. We shot an extensive video primer for this customer and shared the video digitally.

We Got You From Simple to Complex Service Questions

When it comes to service questions, we answer questions running the gamut from basic operational questions (“how do I start my lathe?”) to more technical questions such as troubleshooting the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

The VFD is a component in the electrical cabinet on variable speed lathes that controls the RPMs by outputting frequencies to the motor. This allows the lathe to be infinitely variable within a given range.

Our commitment to quality minimizes the need for service once you receive a LeBlond RKL manual lathe. When an Order is received for a new manual lathe our service techs get to work. After cleaning, each lathe is run for a minimum of eight hours and goes through elaborate testing.

Once the tests are complete, we do a final inspection. During this inspection the machine and accessories are gone over again. After the final inspection is signed off on, we are ready to schedule a truck and get the Customer their new manual lathe!

LeBlond Field Service Fixes the Flow

For field service, we are here to help with the simplest of task such as tuning up a lathe to rebuilding the entire headstock.

We recently heard from a customer who found out the hard way that Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law and perfect flow doesn’t always apply to machine tools.

He bought a new manual lathe from a competitor and the machine arrived with a knocking sound in the headstock. The other competitor did not offer service and that customer came to LeBlond to buy a machine that is supported with parts and service after the sale.

If you recognize reality beyond the perfect flow of a closed circuit and want a new manual lathe with quality support, click or tap here.

Or you can call us at (888) 532-5663 and select Option 1 (M-F 8am – 5pm ET).

We look forward to hearing from you!