Constant surface speed is a turning center feature on LeBlond RKL Series manual lathes that allow the machine to automatically determine the appropriate spindle speed in revolutions per minute (rpm). The machine determines the current diameter position as well as the speed determined in surface feet per minute (sfm) in inch mode or meters per minute (mpm) in metric mode.

Constant surface speed (CSS) is a convenient feature that reduces the number of calculations that an operator needs to make because rpm does not need to be determined. Speed is measured directly in sfm or mpm, units that are broadly used by most manufacturers for recommended cutting speed.

CSS on LeBlond RKL Series manual lathes also provides a consistent workpiece finish. When an operator enables CSS in tandem with feed per revolution feed-rate mode, the finish will be consistent, regardless of the diameter of the workpiece being machined. CSS also optimizes tool life, as tools will always be machined at the appropriate speed.

Finally, using CSS on LeBlond RKL Series manual lathes optimizes machining time. Your cutting conditions will always be set correctly, leading to minimal machining time.

LeBlond Sales Manager Aaron Juillerat considers CSS an integral feature of the company’s manual lathes. “When a machinist or hobbyist uses constant surface speed on one of our manual lathes, he or she can feel confident that the cutting will be streamlined and result in less time bothering with upfront calculations,” says Juillerat. “CSS will also reduce tool wear.”

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