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The actor Bryan Cranston will forever be known as Walter White, the teacher-turned-drug-kingpin on AMC’s crime drama megahit Breaking Bad.

Do you remember hapless Hal? You might have forgotten Cranston’s role as the bumbling dad on Fox’s ‘90’s comedy Malcolm in the Middle.

When it comes to machine tool parts, LeBlond will forever be typecast as providers of OEM parts for LeBlond lathes and K.O. Lee grinders.

We also provide parts for other machine tool product lines like Standard Modern, Deka Drill and Johnson Press. We wanted to turn the spotlight on these lesser known “roles” in a series of posts. We start here with Standard Modern lathe parts.

Standard Modern, like the LeBlond name, has a rich history in machine tools. For more info on the history of the company, check out this page on our site.

To recap:

In December 1999, LeBlond Ltd. obtained the service parts business as a part of its strategy to support additional product lines. With over 17,000 Standard Modern installations in North America, Standard Modern lathes are being used extensively in precision, high tech machine shops as well as by both the Canadian and United States military.  Also, many technical colleges and trade schools are using Standard Modern lathes.

If you are a military outfit, trade school or otherwise have a need for Standard Modern lathe parts, LeBlond is your only source for quality, affordable OEM parts like gears for the headstock or quick change box. Regarding S-M, LeBlond stocks parts for these machines and holds many of the OEM drawings to have some stock items produced.

LeBlond also has the serial number records on most S-M machines showing key information as when the lathe was built and who the original customer was. As a note, if you have a need for Standard Modern lathe parts such as steady rests, follow rests or taper attachments, LeBlond does not supply these items.

Standard Modern lathe parts

S-M cross feed and nut

We at LeBlond are known for our version of Walter White — LeBlond lathe parts — but we also carry S-M OEM parts. So, if you are a Bryan Cranston fan or simply have a need for Standard Modern lathe parts, please contact us and we can get you a cross feed nut or tell you valuable information like when your machine was built!

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