Need Standard Modern lathe parts?

LeBlond provides them but, like the actor Bryan Cranston, doesn’t want to be typecast or known only for one role.

Parts for Standard Modern Lathes as Heisenberg

LeBlond provides parts for Standard Modern lathes just as the actor Bryan Cranston is known for more than Heisenberg and Walter White

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Cranston, despite working in Hollywood for four decades in a litany of roles, is primarily known for playing the teacher turned drug kingpin Walter White in the legendary crime drama Breaking Bad.

LeBlond supplies machine tools and OEM parts for a multitude of product lines including Standard Modern, K.O. Lee and others. We, like Cranston, don’t want to be typecast as only a supplier of LeBlond lathes and parts!

Standard Modern Lathes as History

LeBlond is a key component of Standard Modern history like Bryan Cranston played LBJ

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Following the smash success of Breaking Bad, Cranston returned to stage in a historical role, playing Lyndon B. Johnson in the play All the Way.

The history of Standard Modern is similarly legendary.

In 1931, Standard Machine & Tool was founded by two partners in Ontario. In 1935, a rival company began operations in Toronto as Modern Tools Works Ltd. A British company purchased both companies in 1955 and combined operations, forming the Standard Modern Tool Company based out of Toronto.

In December 1999, LeBlond Ltd. obtained the service parts business as a part of its strategy to support additional product lines. With over 17,000 Standard Modern installations in North America, Standard Modern lathes are being used extensively in precision, high tech machine shops as well as by both the Canadian and United States military.  Also, many technical colleges and trade schools are using Standard Modern lathes.

Parts for Standard Modern Lathes NOT as Frank Abagnale

LeBlond is the only true OEM supplier of Standard Modern lathe parts, not an imposter who impersonates an airline pilot

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Bryan Cranston never played Frank Abagnale, a real life con man and imposter whose life was dramatized in the movie Catch Me If You Can. Leonardo DiCaprio, of course, received great acclaim in this role.

LeBlond is the only company where you can find OEM parts for discontinued Standard Modern lathes. We are the real deal for S-M parts and can pilot your lathe with true OEM. We’ll make that North American metal reach peak altitudes and maximum performance.

We supply quality, affordable OEM parts like gears for the headstock or quick change box. LeBlond stocks parts for these machines and holds many of the OEM drawings to have some stock items produced.

Example of Standard Modern Parts

LeBlond provides parts for Standard Modern lathes like SM83507

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The half nut above is a component of the apron, stabilizing the lead screw on a Standard Modern lathe. For details on other common S-M parts, check out this post.

Need Records?

LeBlond also has the serial number records on most S-M machines showing key information as when the lathe was built and who the original customer was.

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Like actor Bryan Cranston wanting to be known for more than Walter White and Breaking Bad, LeBlond is more than our name brand lathes.

We supply OEM parts for Standard Modern lathes as well. If you would like more information, visit this page. Or call us at +1 (888) 532-5663 and select Option 1. We look forward to hearing from you!