Need Standard Modern parts? You are in the right spot! In this post, we identify some common S-M parts and explain what they do.

First, a little history …

Standard Machine & Tool was founded in 1931 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  In 1935, an unrelated company began operations in Toronto as Modern Tools Works. Staveley Industries, a British company, purchased both Standard Machine & Tool Ltd. and Modern Tool Works Ltd. in 1955. The combined entity was incorporated under the name Standard Modern Tool Company Ltd. with operations in Toronto.

In 1981, Standard Modern Tool Company was purchased by another company and became Standard Modern Technologies. LeBlond acquired the parts service business in 1999 to service 17,000 installations in North America, particularly in the Canadian and United States armed forces.

Standard Modern Part: Bevel Pinion (pictured above)

Part Number: SM21245

The bevel pinion is part of the apron on a Standard Modern lathe. It rides the bevel gear to help the apron move down and back while the machine is running.

S-M lathe parts

Part: Crossfeed Nut

Part Number: SM41317

This part stabilizes the crossfeed screw. Both are part of the cross slide and saddle on a Standard Modern lathe.

S-M parts for metal lathe

Part: Half Nut

Part Number: SM83507

The half nut is part of the apron, stabilizing the lead screw on a Standard Modern lathe.

Metal Lathe Parts

Part: Feed Gear

Part Number: SM84723

The feed gear is a component on the headstock drive and end gear train of a Standard Modern lathe.


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