The term OEM has often been associated with mechanical engineering and component manufacturing. It’s widely used in the automotive sector. Vehicle owners are particularly familiar with phrases such as “OEM auto parts” or “OEM parts.” That’s because most automakers specialize in sub-assembly manufacturing, which is the creation of factory-grade parts used in the assembly of the end-product. Generally, OEM is an acronym widely used in the equipment manufacturing industry, from electronics and milling to slab grinders and lathes.

This article outlines what OEM parts mean, how they differ from aftermarket parts, and why you might want to consider investing in them.

What Are OEM Parts?

The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM companies specialize in designing, engineering, and manufacturing complete equipment or parts. In most circumstances, OEMs purchase components from different manufacturers and assemble them to create their final product. Sometimes it’s vice versa: They manufacture the machine components and sell them to other equipment brands for assembly to create their own finished products. In summary, OEMs can do part manufacturing, sub-assembly, and final production.

The Difference between OEM and OE Parts

Original Equipment (OE), also known as OE replacement parts (OER), may be used interchangeably with an OEM component, depending on the context. An OEM part is a spare part to a product manufacturer, so long as it didn’t come attached to the original product. On the other hand, a third-party manufacturer might produce a similar replacement product to replace an OEM component.

OEM Parts or Aftermarket Parts?

OEM components differ from aftermarket parts in three aspects:

  • Manufacturer – OEM components are manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer, while aftermarket parts are designed and engineered by a third-party manufacturer. OEMs focus on creating spare parts that match a specific product perfectly, with the same longevity as the original part. However, aftermarket parts are produced in high turnover and have the same fit to all similar equipment. That means aftermarket auto parts aren’t the best accessories, as they don’t match your machine’s specifications perfectly. That presents a higher risk of destroying your machinery.
  • Price – While they’re of OEM quality, original replacement equipment is typically affordable since it’s shipped straight from the manufacturer. Your overall expenditure in purchasing an aftermarket/black market part might be higher because it includes third-party shipping costs and service technician labor costs.
  • Performance – Aftermarket components miss some critical details/specifications unique to your product. Granted, the machine might continue functioning but at a slightly lower performance than with a component from an OEM.
CNC lathe machine producing brass pipe fittings or OEM parts

CNC lathe producing brass pipe fittings

LeBlond Ltd. OEM Parts

LeBlond Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of OEM components for some of the top machine tool providers, including:

LeBlond Manual Lathes

These OEM components are specifically designed and engineered for the company’s manual lathes: the Regal and current RKL line. LeBlond provides original equipment manufacturer parts with high adherence to the equipment’s original specifications. Additionally, we provide technical support to ensure you enjoy the machine’s extended, functional lifespan.

K.O. Lee Grinders

LeBlond also provides high-quality, factory-grade original equipment manufacturer parts for K.O Lee surface cutters and tool grinders. They’re high-performance components with the perfect fitting, built with the original equipment in mind. Consumers can purchase K.O Lee OEM parts for machines used in washer, piston, clutch or gear manufacturing.

Standard Modern OEM Parts

LeBlond Ltd. has been the trusted OEM parts provider for Standard Modern lathes since 1999 and is dedicated to manufacturing quality OEM replacement parts for Standard Modern lathes, including the manual and CNC lathes. There are over 17,000 Standard Modern installations throughout North America so we have extensive product knowledge for quality consumer support.

Deka Drill & Johnson Press

In 2001, LeBlond acquired Deka Drill & Johnson Press in a bid to diversify its product portfolio. Since then, we have been furnishing top-tier and durable Deka Drill  replacement parts. We also provide OEM punch press parts for Johnson Press machinery.

W.F. & John Barnes Equipment Parts

LeBlond Ltd. purchased W.F. & John Barnes Equipment in 1998 and took over the company’s product-line manufacture. Today, we supply auto parts for wide-ranging W.F. & John Barnes Equipment used across the automotive, agricultural equipment, military, marine, and transportation sectors. We also specialize in John Barnes auto parts, including engine blocks, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, VIN fitment systems, connecting rods, and brake drums.

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