Need a new cutter grinder? Of course, you do!

You can invite the KOL-40M or 60M Tool and Cutter Grinder over for the Thanksgiving meal.

A new K.O. Lee tool cutter will keep the turkey cutting knife sharp!

Sharpen & Grind

We are guilty of being tongue-in-cheek, but not entirely! A machinist can sharpen milling cutters, tool bits and myriad of other cutting tools with a tool and cutter grinder.

A new K.O. Lee Tool and Cutter Grinder features several, dedicated fixtures for cylindrical grinding where complex angles can be ground.

The table can move longitudinally and laterally, and it can be easily controlled from fine to rapid feed range. The wheelhead is designed so that it can be tilted easily to ±15° and swiveled 360° on the horizontal plane. Both of these features make it easy to set rake and relief angles.

K.O. Lee Tool Cutter Grinder Specifications

Both the KOL-40M and KOL-60M are manual machines and have a 10” (254mm) swing over table.

The 40M has a 27.5” (698.5mm) distance between centers while the larger 60M features 35.4” (899.16mm).

The KOL-40M has 16” (406.4mm) table work surface while the 60M possesses a 23.62” (599.948mm) one.

Other shared specifications include:

  • 1.5HP Grinding Wheel Spindle Motor
  • 10.0” (254mm) Saddle Cross Movement & Workhead Vertical Movement
  • 3-Speed Grinding Wheel Spindle RPM (2600 / 3700 / 6200)

The KOL-60M differs from the 40M in that it has:

  • 23.62” (599.948mm) Table Longitudinal Movement instead of 16” (406.4mm)
  • Maximum 11.8” (299.72mm) and minimum 2.0” (50.8mm) Spindle Center to Table
  • Maximum 16.3” (414.02mm) and minimum 6.5” (165.1mm) Spindle Center to T-Slot

K.O. Lee Tool and Cutter Grinder Standard Features

Our machines are equipped with key standard features that will allow you tackle any job requirement without having to spend additionally.

Here are some notable ones:

  • Electrics: 230V / 3PH / 60Hz with other voltages available
  • Wheel Guard Holders (Long & Short)
  • Grinding Wheels (7 Sizes)
  • Diamond Dresser Holder
  • Workhead Spindle Center
  • Center Gauge

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