According to Forbes, the most useful tool ever is a sharp blade: 

The knife helps feed us, shelter us, defend us and assure our survival. It’s the most reliable, useful and important tool in human history. 

Machine tool accessories may not ever make it on a Forbes list, but they are incredibly useful in boosting machinist productivity and efficiency. We are currently offering a promotion of 15% off most LeBlond and K.O. Lee machine tool accessories. 

Machine Tool Accessories On Sale

  • Chucks are one of the most important tools on a lathe and are used for holding and rotating a workpiece while performing an operation. Mounted on the headstocks of the lathe, a chuck can be operated manually or by power. There are four basic types of chucks: four-jaw independent chuck, three- or six-jaw scroll chuck, four-jaw combination chuck and a Jacobs Drill chuck. Four-jaw independent chucks are great for holding irregularly shaped objects that lack radial symmetry that cannot be conveniently mounted between centers.
  • Live centers are used to support a workpiece on a lathe, typically between the headstock and tailstock. A live center features a bearing assembly, enabling its tip to rotate with the part so there is minimal friction between the tip and the part. These machine tool accessories can help achieve higher rotational speeds and faster turning operations. 
  • Arbors are tool components that are used to grip or clamp other moving tool components, offering increased accuracy.
  • A micrometer carriage stop is used to stop the apron, or carriage, at a specific point in travel down the bedways. It is usually clamped to the front bedway by use of a set screw at precisely where you want your cut to stop when heading either towards the headstock or tailstock. This accessory has a calibrated adjustment dial that moves a shaft in or out to set the stop exactly where you want. Once the carriage hits the stop, the clutch slips, and the cut will end, stopping each successive cut on the workpiece at the same point.
  • Collet Closer and Collet Sets: A collet closer is a subtype of chuck that forms a collar around an object to be held. They exert a strong clamping force on the object when tightened, usually by means of a tapered outer collar. These accessories can be used to hold a workpiece or a tool. Generally, collets are used on smaller workpieces than typical three-jaw chucks. The general range for collets is 1/16” to 2.5” whereas chucks can be used on workpieces that are larger. Though chucks can also be used for smaller workpieces, collets are a more useful grip for lesser parts.

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In our estimation, machine tool accessories are just as indispensable as knives.

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