Some things that are old and scarce are incredibly valuable.

Like comic books. Action Comics No. 1 introducing Superman is hard to find and worth $1.5 million.

Some old things are built so well that they continue to run with the right support. With LeBlond Regal parts, you can keep your Regal lathe chugging for some time.

Technically, LeBlond Regal lathes are vintage machines and not antiques because most are not older than 100 years.

Can’t Beat OEM Parts for your Regal

LeBlond sells OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for LeBlond Regal lathes. In other words, all LeBlond Regal parts are created from the drawings and meet the specifications of the original equipment.

We have LeBlond Regal parts going back to the Word War II era, and in some cases, earlier. You just need to identify a serial number on your machine. We can assist you in finding the serial number on your machine if necessary.

LeBlond Regal Parts Are Available

Vintage Regals are known for their reliability and craftsmanship. There are many vintage lathes that are solid machines. Finding a vintage machine with parts support, however, can be tricky.

Ask Aaron Newswanger of Blue Ball Machine Company, Inc.  The Pennsylvania-based machine parts dealers fields requests for LeBlond Regal parts and other vintage brands.

Recently, Newswanger had a client in the agricultural field who had a servo shift Regal where the spindle nut in the tailstock was stripped (see image above). They were able to contact LeBlond easily to replace the spindle nut with a new one. Newswanger felt LeBlond Regal parts are affordable, and more importantly, available.

Good Luck with Other Vintage Lathe Parts

Other vintage lathes present obstacles when looking for parts.

“We work on a lot of older machines and parts are always a problem,” Aaron said. “For older machines and brands other than LeBlond, you can’t get parts and you have to make them.”

LeBlond Regal lathes are vintage machines but can still function as a workhorse in your machine shop if supported properly. A Regal might not be as valuable as a classic, rare comic but it can be equal a thing of beauty when outfitted with new OEM LeBlond Regal parts to keep it cutting and turning like a champion.

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