LeBlond Ltd is the current corporate iteration of the LeBlond machine tool brand synonymous with quality, reliability, and tradition. LeBlond Ltd. is a trusted supplier of new machinery, original parts, service, and accessories.

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A Constant In Times of Flux


For over 130 years, LeBlond equipment has been a consistent figure in many industries around the world. While the company has evolved throughout its history, today’s LeBlond continues the brand’s legacy of excellence and dependability.

 In today’s ever-changing world, it pays to have a stabilizing figure that you can lean on. We live in a world that’s in constant flux. We’re presented with both demanding challenges and fine rewards at every turn. You never know what’s coming around the corner. All you can do is buckle up and go along for the ride!

 But when it comes to your LeBlond equipment, there’s no question about who has your options covered. Own a piece of legacy LeBlond equipment? We have the parts and accessories to keep that “iron horse” riding on!


OEM Parts from the LeBlond Ltd Library


These are leblond ltd parts for legacy LeBlond equipment.


Our resource library is filled to the brim with detailed assembly drawings, aperture cards, microfilms, and more. Everything is well-preserved and acts as an expansive historical record of LeBlond’s products. We even have old transaction records with serial numbers!

 The LeBlond library is meticulously organized. Decades of products going all the way back to the 1940s are represented. With just a tiny amount of information, we can find original sales orders, machine bills of material, schematics, and more. It’s not just original LeBlond-branded equipment, either. The library has some documents for K.O. Lee, Standard Modern, Johnson Press, Deka Drill, and W.F. and John Barnes machinery as well.

 The historical blueprints give us the means to manufacture parts with the exact specifications for your equipment. Just give us the serial number of your machine. With that nugget of information, we may be able to find the model number and year. From there, it’s all about finding the right parts to keep your machinery running smoothly.

 At LeBlond Ltd, we maintain approximately $2,500,000 worth of quality OEM parts at all times to minimize production downtime. A vast majority of parts orders are fulfilled the same day. Thanks to our extensive collection of documents, you can rest assured that you’re getting the correct part each time.


OEM Parts for the Iconic LeBlond Regal


One of the most well-known LeBlond lathes is the Regal. It’s a powerhouse of a machine that many throughout North America and the world consider reliable “old iron.”

 If you own a LeBlond Regal, you own a piece of history! This machine was first introduced to the world in 1931 by the LeBlond Machine Tool Company. Technically speaking, the Regal is a vintage machine rather than an antique because most models haven’t passed the 100-year age mark yet. However, the older units are certainly getting close.

 Despite the Regal’s long history, many continue to chug along today! It’s a testament to LeBlond’s quality engineering and parts support.

 Keep your Regal lathe operating for years, if not decades, to come with parts from LeBlond. We supply OEM parts for Regal machines dating back to the World War II era. All of the components we provide are created from authentic blueprints and documents in our LeBlond library. They meet the exact specifications of the original equipment. All we need is your serial number!

Don’t settle for anything but OEM parts for your Regal. This behemoth of a machine deserves nothing but the best. With new OEM parts, it’ll continue turning like the rare classic that it is!


The LeBond RKL Lathe: A Worthy Heir to the Regal Throne


With the ebbs and flows of a world in flux comes growth and opportunity. The new LeBlond RKL machines act as the heir to the classic Regal. RKL stands on the shoulders of the giant that came before it and continues LeBlond’s legacy of excellence.

 The original Regal came from a promise to make a better and more accessible machine than LeBlond’s previous offerings. The Regal lathe was so accessible to non-industrial users that the United States and its allies eventually used it in the war effort against the Axis powers in World War II. The decades that followed saw the introduction of a Servo-Shift model powered by hydraulics. But by 1995, LeBlond ceased production on the Regal lineup entirely.

Fast-forward to 2010, and LeBlond Ltd introduced the all-new RKL. The RKL lineup honors the history of LeBlond and its founder, Richard K. LeBlond. These modern machines continue the Regal’s legacy of distinction while catering to current machinist requirements .

 The RKL line features several lathes. LeBlond separates them into four distinct categories, including:

Most of these categories are available with variable speed and gearhead spindles. On the lower end, the RKL machines sport a 14-inch swing and a 5 HP motor. More robust models have a massive 21-inch swing and a 15 HP motor. Capabilities can vary from model to model. Some RKL lathes are available with 16-turning speed selections or three infinite speed ranges. Whether you need a heavy lathe for precise cuts or a gunsmith lathe for niche turning, there’s an RKL model for you.


RKL Lathes Have Modern Accessories


Another unique thing about the RKL lathe is that it’s compatible with modern accessories to improve efficiency. Take, for example, a Digital Readout. A DRO eliminates guesswork and provides precise position information independent of the lead screw. Say goodbye to the days of fiddling with cumbersome lathe controls or counting wheel revolutions. A DRO can save time and improve productivity across the board.

 LeBlond currently has a sale on Newall Digital Readouts. You can save 25% on your purchase for a limited time and make the most out of your time on a LeBlond.


The Only Constant in Life is Change


Change is inevitable. Instead of fighting it, ride the flux and adapt! Go with the flow by investing in OEM parts that keep your LeBlond machine running well into the ever-changing future. If you’re in the market for some new blood, get a quote on a new RKL lathe with just as much extensive parts support as legacy LeBlonds. Give us a call today at +1 (888) 532-5663, and let us be your one-stop-shop for all your LeBlond lathe needs!