Need a Newall DRO or digital readout that improves your productivity machining on a LeBlond lathe by 20-40%?

LeBlond has a promotion for a limited time where you can receive 25% OFF these indispensable lathe accessories that utilize Newall linear encoders mounted to the machine axes.

Time is Money, Baby

You can save cash with a Newall Digital Readout.


The DRO shows the true tool position independent of the lead screw. A machinist no longer has to read lines on grimy Vernier dials and other lathe controls. Counting hand wheel revolutions and lead screw backlash compensation are no longer necessary.

A Newall DRO on a LeBlond lathe gives you accuracy within five micron, so you save time machining and increase productivity and precision in your shop.

Pay for the Newall DRO in as Few as 8 Weeks

You can pay for a Newall Digital Readout quickly by buying one from LeBlond


Let’s present a hypothetical that demonstrates how digital readout systems like a Newall DRO pay for themselves quickly.


Suppose you average 20 hours/week on your LeBlond manual lathe and your shop rate is $55/hour. We will use a 25% productivity improvement for your LeBlond lathe utilizing a Newall DRO, though this figure is on the low end. 


This increased productivity results in a 5 hour/week improvement. Multiply that extra time saved by your weekly usage, and you are looking at $275 savings each week.


In this example, the Newall digital readout costs you $2,055. The Return on Investment is Cost/Savings ($2055/$275) or 7.5 weeks to pay back your investment in digital readout systems with enhanced productivity.

In two months, less than one business quarter, you could have this lathe accessory paid off.

DP700: Built British Tough


The Newall DP700 is a popular DRO model from Newall, a British company with nearly 50 years of manufacturing excellence.

The DP700 is housed in a rugged, ergonomically designed casting that is resistant to chips, coolant, lubricants, shock and vibration. This model carries Newall’s Spherosyn and Microsyn encoders that can withstand the most severe shop conditions.

The DP700 features all of the essential functions for turning on a LeBlond lathe, including:

  • Clean LEDs with an intuitive message window
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Long life membrane keypad
  • Safe, low voltage external power supply
  • Five-year warranty

Newall Digital Readout Systems Are Customizable

The DP700 has customizable features such as:

  • Bolt hole circle routine
  • Arc contouring
  • Polar coordinate readings
  • Line hole routine
  • Programmable memory & tool offsets
  • Axis summing
  • Feed-rate display
  • Linear and segmented error compensation
  • RS-232 output

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