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LeBlond’s RKL-1332 lathe for education is powerful and petite, blending a high-performance industrial base with the cost-effectiveness and a small footprint. This makes it an ideal lathe to teach students the finer points of machine tools.

Our RKL-1332 lathe for education features:

  • 31.5” (812.8mm) Center Distance
  • 14.17” (359.918mm) Swing over Bed
  • 2.066” (53.34mm) Spindle Bore

The RKL-1332 lathe for education has monster power but not a monster footprint:

  • The machine weighs 2,866 pounds (1300 kg)
  • The footprint is 60” x 99” (Width x Length; 1500 x 2510mm)

Our Lathe for Education Has Multiple Spindle Options

The machine is offered as a Gearhead or Electronic Variable Speed. See this post if you would like more information on the difference between these spindle options.

RKL-1332 Educational Lathe

This Beast Has Some Bite

The RKL-1332 offers the following:

  • Powerful 5 HP motor
  • 16 speed selections
  • 40-2000RPM (Geared Head); 25-2500RPM (Electronic Variable Speed)

It possesses the merits of a full-sized lathe with the budget-conscious price tag and small footprint of a machine that will fit a classroom, small machine shop or a hobbyist’s garage.

LeBlond Lathe for Education Electrics

The RKL-1332 lathe for education can be wired for 230V or 480V. Other voltages and single phase are available.

RKL-1332 Educational Lathe Standard Features

The RKL-1332 comes loaded with the following standard accessories:

  • Lockable Main Disconnect Switch
  • Manual Chuck Guard w/ Operator Safety Interlock
  • LED Work Light
  • Coolant System (⅛ HP motor)
  • 12” Face Plate
  • Steady Rest w/ Roller Jaws, 0.4”-5.5” (10-140mm)
  • Follow Rest w/ Roller Jaws, 0.6”-3.0 (16-75mm)
  • And more!

Not Just for a Classroom

The RKL-1332 is not just for schools. It is ideal for a machine shops or anyone who requires power with a small footprint. For example, the RKL-1332 is an ideal lathe for gunsmithing. For more information, see this post and this one.

Interested in receiving more information on the RKL-1332, or another LeBlond or K.O. Lee machine? Please visit our home page or call (888) 532-5663 and dial extension 2 for New Machine Sales. We look forward to hearing from you!