Don’t confuse us with Geraldo.

In examining recent posts (which you can find here and here) on what is ideal for a good gunsmith lathe, we might have teased the subject like Geraldo Rivera did about 20 years ago in his syndicated special on the mystery of Al Capone’s vault.

If you’re a gunsmith, you may be interested in LeBlond’s gunsmith lathe, the RKL-1332G (a machine similar to our RKL-1332G/E educational model) and want a peek under the hood, so to speak, to check out the engine.

This post is an overview of the RKL-1332G with information and spec’s relevant to all those looking for a solid gunsmith lathe.

Toolroom Lathe Needed for Gunsmithing

In a nutshell, the RKL-1332G is more ideal as a gunsmith lathe rather than a benchtop lathe because it has more robust components that allow for heavier cuts.

As a larger toolroom lathe, it is more conducive to longer barrel guns.


The RKL-1332 gearhead manual lathe has a 14.17” swing over bed and 31.5” distance between centers. The carriage length is 16.2”


The machine has the benefits of running at higher speed.

You can get the spindle all the way up to 2000 RPM, useful if you plan to chamber quite a few barrels.

The RKL-1332G gunsmith lathe has 16 speed selections with a low range of 40-1000 RPM’s and a high range of 80 – 2000 RPM’s. Obviously, for safety reasons, you never want to exceed the rated RPM of the chuck.


A slower feed is often beneficial for a good gunsmith lathe, say, if you want to be able to drill 17 Cal. barrels. Above this size, you feed will increase the as does the caliber of the firearm.

The RKL-1332G has a longitudinal feed of 0.002 – 0.067 IPR and a cross-feed of 0.001 – 0.034 IPR.

Flexible Power Requirements for Gunsmith Lathe

Most of our competitors only offer single-phase electricity. The standard electrics on the RKL-1332G are 230V / 3-Phase / 60 Hz. LeBlond has the flexibility of offering three-phase wiring that uses less power, resulting in greater efficiency.

With three-phase wiring, the machine runs 14 amps full load with a running load of 11 amps. With single phase, the RKL-1332G runs 22 full load amps with a running load of 18 amps.

LeBlond Out-Horses Competitors

Most gunsmithing lathes have a 2 HP motor while the RKL-1332G features a more powerful 5.0 spindle horsepower.


As you might guess, a good gunsmith lathe requires plenty of oil. The RKL-1332G features automatic lubrication for the carriage and five bale oiler points (“greasers”) throughout the machine.

Everything You Need

You’ll have all the standard features and accessories that you’ll need when gunsmithing like a 5C collet set, steady rest (read this post for customizable options) and a taper attachment that allows you to cut tapers or angles into a workpiece with straight-line accuracy. The taper attachment is telescopic because the male and female components of the cross slide screws allow axial extension.

Need More Info?

For more detailed spec’s on the RKL-1332G, check out this page for our similar educational model.

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