Need an eyeball?

In the near future, humans will be able to purchase OEM body parts grown in a lab petri dishes from their own cells.

Still need to replace your all-seeing orb?

No problem.

Just activate the chip embedded in your forehead, access the communication system that supersedes the Internet and order one.

Are OEM body parts on demand pure dystopian Tyrell Corporation make-believe?

I know we’re already growing things from human stem cells.  This near future is certainly plausible.

But right now, in 2018, you are a machinist and need Deka Drill parts now in order to drill or drill and tap anywhere from 14 to 28 holes at the same time in a production environment. You are a manufacturer and need Deka Drill parts like a speed change gear to drill multiple holes in plates, fixtures, valves or similar parts.

Don’t worry. LeBlond has you covered with Deka Drill.

We sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for this product line in addition to LeBlond, K.O. Lee, Standard Modern and W.F. & John Barnes equipment.

For the history of Deka Drill, check out this page on our website. And what are main models?

There are three primary Deka Drill models; e.g. a 5 horsepower model HRG712-14 that offers 14 hex driver/spindle take offs, a 10 or 15 horsepower model HRG1222-18 that offers 18 hex driver/spindle take offs and a 10 or 15 horsepower model HRG1222-28 that offers 28 hex driver/spindle take offs.

The bulk of what we sell for this product line is drivers, spindles and transmission gears for mainly 14-spindle drills and 28-spindle drills used for models HRG714 and the HRG1222 cited above.

Deka Drills haven’t been made in nearly 20 years. If you need Deka Drill parts now and can’t wait for the soon-to-be day where your replacement kidney will be micro-manufactured and overnighted to your 24-hour drug store surgeon, contact LeBlond now.

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