A drill press, also called a drilling machine, is a stationary or benchtop power tool designed to bore precise holes in wood, metal, or plastic. 

Deka Drills are a type of drill press and can drill the material, counterbore it, or chamfer it. Although production of Deka Drill Presses were discontinued in the early 2000s, we at LeBlond still replace spindles and other Deka Drill parts

Continue reading, as we review the parts of a drill press in the table below. 

Drill Press Parts and Functions

Drill Press Part Drill Press Part Function
  • Usually cast iron because this heavy metal gives stability to these tools, even during heavy operation
  • Can be mounted to workbench, pedestal or floor depending on design and size
  • Floor-mounted machines are heavier and designed for larger workpieces
  • Bench-mounted machines are smaller and used for smaller workpieces
Column (Pillar)
  • The drill press’ backbone – holding all the components together and thus must be sturdy and accurate
  • Mounted on base in a vertical position
  • Supports table on which workpiece would rest during operation
  • On one side houses sleeve and feed handle, on opposite side electric motor forming counterbalance to optimize drill’s weight distribution
  • Head size and shape differ depending on type of drill
  • Head or table always able to move vertically along column to allow being able to drill workpieces of different shapes and sizes
  • Drill spindle is mounted at top of column
  • Fits into sleeve and holds chuck that, in turn, holds drill bit
  • Motor turns spindle at controlled speed, which turns chuck and cutting tool
Sleeve (Quill)
  • Hollow steel shaft designed to hold the chuck’s tapered shaft
  • Moved vertically during operation, moving the drill bit to and from workpiece
  • Mounted at the top of the column, along with the spindle
  • Drives the drill shaft through power received from the drive belt
  • Size and specifications vary according to the drill press’s size
  • Typically have variable speed drives which can be adjusted using a dial on the drill press allowing operator to set drill speed to suit workpiece’s size and material
Drive Belt & Pulley
  • Drive belt supplied power by motor which in turn is connected to pulley on spindle
  • As drive belt rotates, spindle rotates, culminating in drill bit spinning at high speed that enables it to penetrate into workpiece
Drill Chuck
  • Holds drilling tool which is usually drill bit
  • Comprises a sleeve, key, body and jaws
  • Usually come with self-centering 3 jaws and may have a chuck key
Feed Lever (Hand Wheel)
  • Controls drill bit’s vertical movement, thus determining how fast and how much pressure drill encounters workpiece
  • Some drill presses don’t have feed handle and may have automatic feed or are programmable to lower  drill bit automatically at set rate or pressure
  • Connected to column and usually moved up or down to suit work at hand
  • During operation, table remains stationary with workpiece securely clamped to it
  • Drill bit moved down into workpiece, typically using feed lever


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