Check out the following video of a 1966 LeBlond Regal manual lathe in action. You need to click on the link. The YouTube video is not setup to embed:


Lathe Gear Maintenance

Keep the gears of your LeBlond manual lathe in mint condition. The LeBlond manual lathe has a 19″ swing and is 72″ between centers. At the beginning, the owner shows off the gearbox in mint condition. He rates the gears “97 out of 100.” We wanted to show off this LeBlond Regal as an example of a machine that can serve as a workhorse in your shop for years if not decades with proper maintenance. Below are some lathe gear maintenance suggestions for keeping the gears of your LeBlond manual lathe in mint condition:

* Change the oil in the headstock at least semi-annually. Check out this post where we recommend that you change the oil in your machine every 2,000 hours of operation. If your manual lathe is running for multiple shifts during the day, you will obviously need to change the oil more frequently.

* LeBlond Ltd. sells LEBLOND20 oil in 5 gallon pails. It can be used as lubricant in the headstock as well as other machine tool applications including the lathe’s Quick Change Box and Apron.

* If you own a manual shift headstock, the gears should not be shifted until the headstock spindle stops. This will help prevent excessive gear teethe wear.

For pricing information on LeBlond manual lathe parts including the LEBLOND20 oil mentioned above or if you’re interested in a new LeBlond RKL Series manual lathe, call LeBlond Ltd. at (888) 532-5663. If you’re interested in new K.O. Lee machines or require original OEM parts for your K.O. Lee, Standard Modern, Johnson Press, Deka Drill and W.F. & John Barnes equipment, give LeBlond Ltd. a call.