You thought moving your grandmother’s piano was a nightmare … how about a 30,000-pound industrial lathe?

If this is your predicament, it might be time to call an industrial mover like Michigan-based Lee Contracting. Read Part 1 of our Q & A here. In this post, we answer three more questions about moving heavy, complicated machine tools.

1. What about storage?

You bought a large, heavy machine tool, but for some reason or another, you are not ready to install it in your shop. Many industrial movers like Lee offer storage facilities.

“Sometimes customers will purchase a lathe that they aren’t ready to install yet,” says Michael LaBruyere, Spokesperson for Lee Contracting. “We house those machines in our storage area until we get the go-ahead to complete the installation.

2. Do I contact a regional company or a national one?

Most industrial movers are regionally based but have a national reach through subcontractors and satellite offices. Lee Contracting is focused on the Midwest and the South with two satellite offices in Alabama and Georgia. The company can assist customers all over the continental United State and even has partners in Mexico and Canada.

3. I am going to hire an industrial mover. What do I need to do?

Most industrial movers will offer complete turn-key services from moving and placing your industrial machine tools to providing infrastructure and hookup work. All you have to do is unplug your machines, unbolt them from the floor (if they are bolted) and drain the machine fluids. An industrial mover like Lee will handle everything else, even local, state and national regulations and permitting that ensue from relocating entire plants.

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