When machining on your LeBlond RKL Series manual lathe, work that cannot be mounted between the lathe centers is usually held in a chuck. There are several different types of chucks. We will review the camlock model below.

The 8” camlock chuck is a popular option for the RKL Series. It has six pins in back that mount to the spindle with locking pins. The camlock chucks can come in three, four and six-jaw chucks as well as a collet chuck.

Before you install the chuck, you need to clean the mounting surfaces of the spindle and chuck. You can wipe down these parts with a rag doused with cleaning solvent and then re-wipe with a dry rag. The chuck connecting to the spindle is metal-on-metal contact, so you have to ensure that the mounting surface is oil-free and dry. A very small chip or burr on these surfaces will prevent the chuck from running true.

Use one hand to mount the chuck to the spindle. Use your other hand to tighten the pins on the back of the chuck with the camlock wrench. Regarding the pins, screw them in up to the inscribed line and then turn them in more to align the cap screw slot. According to popular machine tool forums, there are no particular sequence or orientation to locking the pins. Adjust each until they are just lightly snug and then ¾-tighten with the camlock wrench.

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