What are some of the most popular Johnson punch Press parts? In this post, we will show you some of our most requested Johnson Press parts and detail what they do.

First, a little history …

Johnson Press was founded in 1937 in Indiana and primarily manufactured punch presses. South Bend Lathe purchased the Johnson Press line in the 1960s and these machines were manufactured until the early 2000s when LeBlond Ltd. purchased the parts business.

johnson press brake lining

Johnson Press Part: Brake Lining

Part Number: JP65912

These linings fit the brake shoe, one set per Johnson Press machine. They are like brakes on your car. The more you drive (and brake), the faster the linings wear out and need to be replaced.

johnson press lockbolt

Johnson Press Part: Lockbolt

Part Number: JP12505

The lockbolt is used on the mechanical clutch on older presses. There is one lockbolt per Johnson Press machine.

johnson press quick release valve

Johnson Press Part: Air Clutch Quick Release Valve

Part Number: JP13423

The Quick Release Valve is used to dump air quickly to cycle the clutch to engage the crankshaft and cycle the ram. This Johnson punch Press part is exclusively for Wichita air clutches. Most Johnson punch presses with an air clutch feature the Wichita Clutch. There are 2-3 Quick Release Valves per Johnson Press machine, depending on the clutch.

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