The Monday before Thanksgiving, the people set out. You can call it a mission … a mission to brighten a family’s holiday at this time of year. Before, the Deacons of Eastgate Baptist Church in Cincinnati met with their wives and divided up a list of families who do not benefit from the good luck and prosperity that so many of us take for granted.

Each team gets at least three families. A gift basket is created to fit the size of the intended family. Before setting out, the teams pray together. Then, they trek out into the cold, crisp air of late November, carrying large gift baskets for the intended families.

The faces say it all. Roger Virgin, Customer Service Representative at LeBlond Ltd., remembers the faces of one such family about five years ago. They had three children and lived in a small house in metro Cincinnati. The father had lost his job and the family was in dire financial straits. When the family opened their door and saw the large gift basket, their faces lit up. The gnawing fear of not having anything to feed to the children on Thanksgiving vanished only to be replaced by the radiant look of joy from people who are truly appreciative of a small token of humanity.

The thing that blessed Roger’s heart was how grateful the family felt that they could sit down on Thanksgiving a few nights later and share something other than a few canned goods with their children.

The bottom line at LeBlond is not just about dollars and cents. Employees like Roger make a difference in their communities and contribute to a moral balance sheet, altering lives through small acts of compassion. Happy holidays from LeBlond!

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