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Need Deka Drill press parts? You are in the right spot! In this post, we identify some common Deka Drill parts.

First, a little history …

Deka Drill was founded in Illinois by five brothers. In 1968, South Bend Lathe purchased the Deka Drill product line.

In the early 2000’s, South Bend Lathe discontinued production of Deka Drills due to a change in focus and strategy. In March 2002, LeBlond Ltd. acquired certain parts lines from South Bend Lathe including the Deka Drill and Johnson Press lines.

What Makes Deka Drill Press Parts Unique?

All models have two important benefits:

  • The spindles do not deflect.
  • The tables efficiently move the workpiece up to the cutting tools to perform a wide variety of operations, including drilling, tapping, dwelling, spot facing, counterboring and chamfering.

Schooled in history and what makes the product stand out, here are some common Deka Drill press parts:

Deka Drill Part: Double Universal Driver (pictured above)

Part Number: DKU70

The double universal driver is a component of the drill head.

Deka Drill Parts by LeBlond

Deka Drill Part: Driver Gear Shaft

Part Number: DKPT7962MB1

The driver gear shaft is another component of the drill head.

Deka Drill Press Parts

Deka Drill Part: Plunger Assembly

Part Number: DKPA8507MB1

The plunger assembly is a component of three total that go in the drill press switch box.  The plunger assembly includes two O-rings, a housing actuator, roller shaft, roller pin, locking ring and actuator spring.


As our history shows, LeBlond is here for your Deka Drill parts like those listed above, and we thank you for your continued support.

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