Deka Drill is a LeBlond subsidiary and sells multiple types of Deka Drill press parts including gears and drill press spindle replacements for legacy equipment.

In 1968, South Bend Lathe purchased the company, introduced several products and customized many types of drills. The business consistently sold innovative products for more than 35 years, but in 2002, South Bend Lathe discontinued the drills. 

Many customers still prefer Deka Drill OEM parts, and LeBlond provides these. Some common Deka Drill press parts are described below.


What Does a Deka Drill Do?


While you utilize the drill, the machine can easily adjust the position of the workpiece. Subsequently, the machine could drill the materials, counterbore the workpiece or chamfer the materials. The machinist can precisely cut the materials, and the expert could consistently examine the contour of the workpiece, the location of each cut and the rotational force of the drill.


Choosing a Universal Driver That May Enhance the Drill



 When you are searching for durable parts, you may select a universal driver that will increase the rotational force of the drill, and once you utilize the drill, the machine will never deflect the spindles. Consequently, the drill can consistently improve the precision of the machine, increase the productivity of the machinist and protect the spindles.


Purchasing a Gear Shaft



Once you install a durable gear shaft, you can effectively modify the speed of the drill, the rotational force of the drill and the position of the device. After you receive the gear shaft, you can add the component to the drill head, and the durable component could consistently withstand excessive pressure.


Selecting a Plunger Assembly




This component contains an actuator, a roller shaft, a locking pin and a roller pin, and the plunger assembly also features an actuator spring. The plunger assembly could significantly improve the stability of the drill, increase the precision of the machine and optimize the quality of the workpiece.




 Installing the Parts & Utilizing the Drill


Once you purchase the durable parts, you may contact our representatives anytime, and the experts can provide helpful instructions. While you follow the guidelines, you could easily install additional components, evaluate the configuration of each part and test the components.


Get Deka Drill Press Parts from LeBlond


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