You’ve just purchased some of LeBlond’s cost-effective K.O. Lee Economy Mandrels. You’ve got either the expanding, solid or expanding-end mandrels and are using these tools to hold machined, component parts ready for milling, grinding or quality inspection.

You made an investment and now you would like to protect that investment by properly maintaining your Economy Mandrels. Here are three tips on caring for your new tools.

1. Clean Them Off

After using the mandrels, you will want to clean them off.

On the expanding mandrels, use a damp cloth to wipe off the arbor that might have chips from using the tool on a grinder or a lathe. You can use compressed air to blow the chips out of the multiple grooves on the sleeve.

2. Wipe Them Down

The second step after cleaning the Economy Mandrels free of debris is to wipe them down with rustproof solvent.

You can find rust inhibitors at any hardware or industrial supply store. For example, we found 1 gallon of Blaster Parts Washer Solvent for $35 at Grainger.

For the true geeks out there, you can make your own solvent by combining a small amount (about 10%) of the polyurethane component dimethyleyclohexylamine (DMCHA) with mineral spirits. Thanks to John Bidder of Sanchem Inc. (a manufacturer of rust-preventative compounds) for this tip.

Once you have the solvent, apply a small amount to a dry rag and wipe down the mandrel. Allow the mandrel to dry for a few minutes.

3. Store the Mandrels

The final step after wiping down the mandrels with a rustproofing solvent is to store them in a clean, dry area free of humidity. You should store the mandrels at room temperature.

The Economy Mandrels do not come with a storage box. Check out this video from award-winning designer woodworker Jeremy Broun on building a compact, wood toolbox. You might get some ideas to build your own contraption to store your Economy Mandrels!

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