A lathe is a type of machine instrument that is usually used to shape metal or wood. The workpiece is rotated around a stationary cutting tool to make it operate. The primary aim is to eliminate unwanted material and leave a perfectly shaped workpiece behind.

The RKL-1300 Series is currently LeBlond’s smallest machine. Let’s summarize this equipment.

Key Features

  • 14″ Swing
  • Geared head or variable speed
  • 31.5″ distance between centers
  • 16 turning speed selections 

Forged alloy steel is used to machine the headstock spindle. It’s tough, grounded, high-quality, and energetically composed. High-grade precise bearings, two tapered and one ball sustain the spindle at three locations.

The educational lathe comes equipped with 16-speed settings that deliver excellent torque up to 2000 RPM. The ON-OFF power indicator light, emergency stop push button, coolant pump switch, and spindle jogging push button are all ergonomically positioned on the electronic control panel.

Key Features

  • 14″ Swing
  • 32,” 40″ OR 60″ between centers
  • Two speed ranges with infinite speeds

For convenience, this model’s large through-hole comes with D1-6 cam-lock mount. Lubrication channels are made with exceptional care for long life, delivering a steady oil bath to the underlying high grade; two precision tapered rollers and one precision ball bearing. The stiffness of the LeBlond 2V and flat solid bed structure ensures consistent and optimum durability.

Key Features

  • 14″ Swing
  • 32″, 40″ OR 60″ between centers
  • 16 turning speed selections 

The machine floor base is built of solid cast iron in one piece. The wide bed design is composed of vibration-stress-relieving Meehanite casting. The bed ways are precision ground and induction hardened to HRC 50. A detachable gap in the precision hand scraped bed further expands swing potential.

The World’s Smallest Lathe

The smallest lathe (sometimes spelled mini lathe or mini metal lathe) is a piece of equipment used to shape metal and other solid materials into the desired shape. Micro lathes are similar to (comprehensive) lathes but vary widely in size, capability, application, usage and placement. Micro lathes, also known as desktop lathes or table-top lathes (not available at LeBlond), can be utilized in places where a full-sized lathe would be problematic. 

Researchers from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Mechanical Engineering Laboratory and Olympus Optical Co. created the world’s smallest CNC micro lathe. The lathe is 32 mm (1.26”)  long, 25 mm (0.98”)  wide, and 30.5 mm (1.20”) tall, and it only weighs 100 grams (0.22 lbs).

Smallest Lathe’s Functionality 

LeBlond distributes smaller lathes that differ from desktop or mini lathes

  1. Smallest/micro lathes are perfect for usage in close-fitting spaces where heavy machining or great precision are not required. Smallest/micro lathes are often used in basements, garages, and households. They are frequently marketed through hobby catalogs and websites since they are a popular tool for enthusiasts. Some specialists, such as locksmiths, jewelers, inventors, and engineers, prefer micro lathes to bigger lathes for experimentation and manufacturers’ tasks.
  2. The smallest lathes, despite having a lower price point and less sturdiness than their larger counterparts, still function within the required tolerances for many jobs. This makes them extremely helpful in instances where small precision pieces are needed for projects requiring precise detail and mechanical correctness, such as miniature engines.
  3. The smallest lathes are generally used to shape metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, and titanium, and almost all of them use a variable-speed electric motor. Others (such as Acetate and PVC) require expertise and technical cutting skills and are predominantly encountered to be challenging to cut by micro lathe users who are not skilled machinists.

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