Everybody loves new features and accessories.

How about augmented reality in Apple’s new iOS. You’ve probably seen the commercial where the dinosaur is on the loose on the iPhone X.

Hey, look, we have tyrannosaurus attacking a Customer Service Representative on LeBlond’s factory floor. Well, not really, but watch video of our tech introducing cool features like Constant Surface Speed on LeBlond’s RKL-1340V manual lathe.

AR has nothing on CSS!

Time Markers

0:17 Newall CSS System

0:27 CSS Controls

1:54 Gear Range (Low 20-400 RPM; High 400-2500 RPM)

2:49 Gear Selection

3:15 Longitude Controls & Thread/Feed Chart

3:42 Headstock Oil Levels

4:18 Feed Clutch

4:41 Apron & Cross Slide Controls

5:28 Apron Lubrication

6:08 Spindle Forward/Reverse Lever

6:25 Tailstock Oil

6:40 Wrap-Up

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