Need information about a quick change tool post on a new manual lathe?

You may be a newb wondering what is the difference between a tool post and a quick change one?

Wondering how to increase the productivity of the machinists in your shop?

Then watch our video where we answer all these questions and more!


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Quick Change Tool Post Video Transcription

Hey guys, Chris Smith here, Service Technician with LeBlond. We’re going to talk to you a little bit today about some of your tool post options with your RKL LeBlond lathe. Now every lathe comes standard with this four-way tool post, and it’s got 4 D 10th positions. Now the downfall to this is dependent on your tooling size. You have to get the right tooling size so that your bit is in the right place when you’re cutting. So you may have to build it up, or you may have to manufacture your own tooling, which a lot of companies out there do. Now, We’ll set that aside.

What is really nice, and what you’ll also receive with every LeBlond lathe quote, is a quote for a quick change tool post. Our standard is the Aloris tool post, there’s a couple of other brands out there as well. And if there’s another one that you would like, all you have to do is say so and we can get that to you. What makes this thing so nice is you don’t have to move your compound as much. The quick change, you can loosen it up and you can turn it and lock it in whatever position you want for your tooling. Also, what you’re given, then go ahead and lock it down. It’s just the versatility of changing up your tool. Just unlock it and you can drop right in another so you can go from facing right to threading or even boring. Now, it’s also really nice. They also send us a facing holder with also a V cut into it. So if you have round tooling, it allows for that round tooling to be held good and tight so it doesn’t slip on you with that little V-way cut into it.

You get four different style holders. You do have a boring holder as well. The other great feature about it is the fact that it doesn’t matter what size of tooling you have, you have an adjustment here for lining it up perfectly. So we’ll show you a bit about that. Lock that in, come into our tool, into our piece. Now the best way to do that, I’ve been taught as I use a small scale, you can bring it in, set it up and get your piece and you see that at an angle. What we’re trying to do is get that perfectly straight up and down.

So back off a touch and we’ll drop this down. Keep adjusting. There you go. You drop up and down. Take your lock nut, just lock it in. Now it’s nice. Your tooling is always going to be lined up and ready to go every time you take your holder out. And as long as you keep on using the same size, the tooling block will be held up perfectly. Thank you. This has been our quick video on the tool post and lathe tool post quick change. If you have any questions about it, please contact us at