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If you change out multiple tools on your manual lathe to work on multiple parts, you might want to purchase Aloris Quick Change Tool Post & Tool Holders as an accessory for your LeBlond RKL series lathe.

Tool posts and tool holders are demonstrated in the video above. Aloris manufactures the tool posts and tool holders for the LeBlond RKL series manual lathes. Here is a description of the products as found on the Aloris company website:

Aloris Super Precision tool posts provide built-in quick tool changing versatility and flexibility combined with wide range, positive control and repetitive accuracy to meet the most exacting working tolerances.

The tool posts and tool holders are not for hobbyist-type lathe users who are working on prototypes or one-of-a-kind type parts. These tool sets, as mentioned, are for users who are running multiple parts with multiple tools.

The tool sets, according to the Aloris website, will save set-up time and increase production when operating a LeBlond RKL series manual lathe from heavy duty rough cutting to fine precision work without chatter or vibration.

If you interested in the Aloris Quick Change Tool Posts and Tool Holders for your new LeBlond RKL series manual lathe, call LeBlond Ltd. at (888) 532-5663 for pricing information.

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