LeBlond wants to give machinists all the metallic brainpower necessary to muscle and manage all their precision grinding needs. The legendary machine tool manufacturer is pleased to announce a promotion where customers can receive a free two-axis Newall DP700 Digital Readout (DRO) with the purchase of a K.O. Lee Surface Grinder.

Customers can visit https://leblondusa.com/ or call (888) 532-5663 Ext. 202 for a personalized quote on model KOL618 through KOL1632 series Surface Grinder. LeBlond will also install the Newall DP700 DRO at no charge. This promotion is a $3,000 value and gives machinists an invaluable tool that maximizes their surface grinding time by reducing tedious hours spent measuring and performing calculations.

The Newall DP700 DRO is a precise, measuring computer system that serves as a communication hub between the operator and the surface grinder. The DP700 reads signals emitted by linear encoders housed on machine axis to keep track of tool position while surface grinding.

The DP700 features many convenient features and enhancements that gives a machinist absolute mastery over his or her craft.

• The two-axis Newall DP700 contains precise resolutions down to 0.0001”
• The DP700 has a 99 tool offset and programmable memory
• The DP700 has an φ > IP67 environmental rating and will provide accurate and reliable readings when submerged in water, oil or coolant.

K.O. Lee Surface Grinders give machinists all the power and brawn to accommodate the machine’s DRO brain.

• The Surface Grinder features a precision grinding spindle that is greased and free of maintenance.
• A direct-coupled V3 class spindle motor ensures spindle run-out accuracy of less than 0.002 mm.
• Both longitudinal and cross slideways are precisely hand-scraped and laminated with Turcite-B to provide smooth travel and low wear.

With their promotion, LeBlond aims to give machinists a timeless match. “The DP700 is as vital to our K.O. Lee Surface Grinders as outdoor barbecues are to the emergence of warmer temperatures,” says LeBlond Ltd. Sales & Operations Manager Aaron Juillerat. “ With Spring kicking off, LeBlond wants to reward machinists with two intrinsically-designed, interdependent machine tools that will allow greater precision and productivity on the shop floor.