You spoke. We listened.

Regarding our current Summer promotion on smaller LeBlond RKL manual lathes, you would like to know up to 20% off of what? As much as $4800 off of what?

Below you will find a link to a buyer’s guide to our current promotion offering standard features, specs, and, yes, prices!

A RKL1340 with a 16-speed geared headstock can be had for as little as $13,940!

Check out a buyer’s guide by clicking the link below:

Summer 15 1300_1500

Don’t miss LeBlond’s promotion until September 15th where you can save up to 20% off or as much as $4500 off an RKL 1300 or 1500 Series metal lathe. Check out the offer here. If you’re interested in larger LeBlond manual lathes, K.O. Lee grinders or need original OEM parts for LeBlond, K.O. Lee, Standard Modern, Johnson Press, Deka Drill and W.F. & John Barnes equipment, fill out a contact form here.