If you have ever been to Shake Shack and tried one of their delicious burgers, you’ve sampled “fine casual” dining, according to Founder Danny Meyer in a recent interview on “60 Minutes.”

Fine casual blends aspects of fine dining like the quality ingredients with with the convenience and affordability of fast food.

If you are an instructor, have you ever tried a “fine casual” educational lathe? This holiday season is the perfect time!

An Educational Lathe That Is the Best of Both Worlds for Educators

LeBlond’s RKL-1332E model blends the high-performance industrial base with the cost-effectiveness and small footprint of a machine ideal to teach students the finer points of manual machine tools.

Our educational lathe features a 32” center distance, a 14.17” swing and ample spindle ample spindle bore at 2.1”

The RKL-1332E has monster power but not a monster footprint. The machine weighs 2,870 pounds and the recommended floor space is 67” x 79” (width x length).

Gearhead or Variable Speed

The machine is either gearhead or variable speed. The gearhead model has a powerful 5 HP motor with 16 speed selections providing high torque all the way up to 2000 RPM’s. The RKL-1332E features three phase or single phase power (other voltage are available).

This educational lathe comes standard with a coolant system with a ⅛ hp motor, face plate, steady rest with roller jaws, follow rest with roller jaws and other items. If you have questions on the standard features, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Customize Away on This Educational Lathe!

The beauty of the RKL-1332E is that you can configure it to meet your classroom needs. Accessories are à la carte and include a taper attachment, Newall Digital Readout, collet packages and various chuck packages like an 8” Bison or Pratt Burnerd 3-jaw chuck among others.

As mentioned, LeBlond’s educational model can include electronic variable speed and you can configure the machine with Constant Surface Speed (CSS) to give you CNC-like facing capability by using the Newall DRO controls to input constant cutting speed specifications for more advanced training situations.

Power at a Price

Whether you decide to go gearhead or variable speed this holiday season, the RKL-1332E possesses the merits of a full-sized lathe with the budget-conscious price tag and small footprint of a machine that will fit a classroom. In restaurant lingo, our educational lathe is indeed fine casual!

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