K.O. Lee 1020A Industrial Surface Grinder

  • 9.8″ x 19.7″ (250 x 500mm) TABLE
  • ELECTRICS: 230V/3ph/60Hz
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Precision Grinding Spindle

The K.O. Lee 1020A industrial surface grinders precision cartridge is greased and free of maintenance. Comprised of Class 4 super precision angular contact bearings suitable for heavy grinding. The spindle is directly coupled with motor. This ensures spindle run out accuracy of less than 0.002mm (0.00008”).

Machine Construction

The main components of the machine, including the base column and saddle, are made of High Quality Double Wall Meehanite cast iron which is stress relieved to insure rigid stability.


Both longitudinal and cross slide ways are precisely hand-scraped and laminated with Turcite-B. This provides a smooth travel and even low wear.

Table Construction

The unique design of the longitudinal and cross slideway’s Full Support System maintains accuracy during table reversing and full length of travel.

Table Feeds

The longitudinal feed is manual or hydraulic powered and the cross feed manual or electric motor powered. Both movements have adjustable reversing capability and interlocks to prevent manual operations while in a power feed mode. (Note: The table will traverse in both an automatic and manual mode.)

Automatic Lubrication System

> The auto lubrication system, which is standard, provides lubrication on all slideways and leadscrew. This insures a smooth travel and minimizes wear.

Control Panel

All push buttons and switches are conveniently located on the control panel for easy operation.

  • Electrics: 230V/3ph/60Hz *other voltages available
  • Automatic or Manual Operation of X Axis (Single Axis Automatic)
  • Automatic or Manual Operation of X & Z Axis (Two Axis Automatic)
  • Ball Screw for Cross Feed
  • Grinding Wheel with Flange
  • Diamond Wheel Dresser
  • Wheel Flange Extractor
  • Wheel Wrench
  • Balancing Arbor & Stand
  • Auto Lubrication System
  • LED Work Light
  • Tool Box with Adjusting Tools
  • Leveling Screws with Blocks
  • Operation Manual with Parts List
  • Rear Splash Guard
General Capacity Grinding Surface of Table 9.8″ x 19.7″ 250mm x 500mm
Maximum Grinding Surface 9.8″ x 19.7″ 250mm x 500mm
Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Center 19.7″ 500mm
Longitudinal Movement Table Guideway V & Flatway
Table Speed (Approx.) 16.4~82.0ft/min 5~25m/min
Cross Feed Movement Handfeed per Revolution 0.2″ 5mm
Handfeed per Graduation 0.001″ 0.02mm
Vertical Downfeed Handfeed per Revolution 0.05″ 1mm
Handfeed per Graduation 0.0002″ 0.005mm
Micro Feed per Rev. (Optional) 0.00005″ 0.0013mm
Grinding Wheel Wheel size (Diameter x Width x Bore) 7″ x 0.5″ x 1.25″ 180mm x 13mm x 31.75mm
Spindle Speed (60Hz) 3500RPM
Motors Spindle Motor 2HP
Cross Feed Motor 1/5HP
Hydraulic Motor 1HP
Weight Net/Gross 2980lb / 3420lb 1350kg / 1550kg
Floor Space Length(A) x Width(B) x Height(C) 92″ x 59″ x 71″ 2340mm x 1500mm x 1800mm
Packing Size 91″ x 62″ x 87″ 230 x 158 x 220
Y-Axis Micro Feed A feature that allows for extremely precise movements in the Y-axis direction to create precise dimensions and tolerances in the final workpiece.


Z-Axis Micro Feed A feature that allows for exact movements in the Z -axis direction, enabling operators to make precise adjustments to the position of the cutting tool.


Electro Magnetic Chuck with Auto Demagnetizer Similar to a permanent magnetic chuck, it utilizes an electromagnetic field to hold the workpiece in place during machining operations. Prevents residual magnetism in the workpiece that can cause problems such as unwanted attraction to other ferromagnetic materials or inaccurate measurements.


Coolant System Used to cool and lubricate grinding tools and workpieces during machining operations, helping to reduce heat and prolong the life of these tools.


Dust Collector A system that removes dust and other particles from the air that are generated during the manufacturing process.


Coolant System and Dust Collector The combined system can provide better air quality in the workplace by removing both dust and coolant mist from the air.


Auto Paper Strip Filter with Coolant A type of filtration system that removes contaminants from coolant fluids used to cool and lubricate grinding tools and workpiece during machining. It filters out any chips or particles that may still be in the coolant before it repasses through the machine.


NC Automatic Down Feed A 2-axis motor-driven machine with a hydraulic table that turns into a fully automated machine to prolong the life of the grinding tool, reduce cycle times and improve the quality of the machined surface.


NC Automatic Parallel Dresser with Compensation System Allows for the automatic dressing of the grinding wheel or the removal of any irregularities or high spots on the wheel’s surface to produce flat and even surfaces.


Manual Parallel Dresser Allows the operator to have greater control over the dressing process for greater precision by manually positioning the dresser relative to the grinding wheel and making the necessary adjustments to ensure that the wheel is dressed parallel to the workpiece.


Spare Wheel Flange A critical component that connects and secures the grinding wheel to the machine, ensuring greater safety, reduced operational vibrations and optimized grinding performance.


Semi-Enclosed Splash Shield A coolant and safety feature mounted onto the machine table with doors that have an operator safety interlock.


Back Water Splash Guard A component that acts as a splash guard and mounts to the back of the machine table to prevent water and coolant from splashing up onto the machine rear during operation.

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