K.O.Lee Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder KOL60M

  • Need to machine a tool with extraordinary precision?
  • Buy the K.O. Lee Tool & Cutter Grinder. It has table that can be easily controlled from fine to rapid feed range for your various grinding requirements.
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The wheelhead is designed so that it can be tilted easily to ± 15 degrees. It can be swiveled 360 degrees on the horizontal plane. Both of these features make it easy to set rake and relief angles.
Grinding Wheel Spindle Assembly

The K.O. Lee universal tool & cutter grinder spindle assembly is designed so that the spindle shaft is supported by two pairs of angular ball bearings; i.e. one pair at each end of the spindle support. The spindle is grease lubricated for life and no additional lubrication is required.

Universal Workhead

The workhead can be positioned on the table as desired by the operator and can be swiveled accurately at any horizontal and vertical angle. It has a taper hole in each end of the spindle; i.e. NT#50 / MT5.


In order to machine various grinding requirements, the table can be easily controlled from fine to rapid feed range. The table feed mechanism is designed to be controlled by finger tip action. The spring cushioned table dogs are used for both positioning the table as well as absorbing table return traverse shock. The table ways are hardened, ground and anti-friction bearings are used. It swivels 120 degrees.


The right and left tailstocks can be easily positioned any place on the table. The right tailstock has a retractable center for easy mounting and is mounting of the workpiece.


The machine has a centralized lubrication system.

  • Electrics: 230V/3ph/60Hz *other voltages available
  • Diamond Dresser Holder
  • Wheel Guard Holders (Long & Short)
  • Center Gauge
  • Plain Tooth Rest Holder w/Blade
  • T-Wrench For Grinding Wheel Sleeve
  • Pin Wrench
  • Leveling Pads (Qty 3)
  • Reducing Collets (3 Sizes)
  • Grinding Wheels (7 Sizes)
  • Nut Wrenches (Qty 2)
  • Draw-in Bolt for Workhead and Washer
  • Workhead Spindle Center
  • Spindle Drive Belt
  • Double End Wrench
  • Tool Cabinet & Touch-up Paint
  • Right and Left Hand Tailstocks
  • Workhead
  • Wheel Guards (Qty 4)
  • Collet Wrench
  • Universal Tooth Rest Plate & Blade Holder Ext.
  • Ejector Rod
  • Sleeve Extracting Bar
  • Micrometer Adjustable Tooth Rest
  • Plain Tooth Rest Holder
  • Grinding Wheel Sleeves (5 Sets)
  • Lockable Main Disconnect Switch
  • Driver
  • Washer for 1/8” Grinding Wheel
  • 4” Spindle Extension Wheel Sleeve and Collar
  • Operation Manual and Parts List
  • Allen Wrench
  • Ext. & Washers for Slit-Saw & Side Mill Cutter
Swing Over Table 10″
Distance Between Centers 35.4″
Spindle Center to Table Max. 11.8″ / Min. 2.0
Spindle Center and T-slot Max. 16.3″ / Min. 6.5″
Table Work Surface 5-5/16″ x 44″
Table Longitudinal Movement 23.62″
Saddle Cross Movement 10″
Workhead Vertical Movement 10″
Workhead Spindle Taper NT #50 / MT5
Grinding Wheel Spindle RPM 3 Speeds 2600 / 3700 / 6200
Grinding Wheel Spindle Motor 1.5HP
Wheelhead Tilts ±15°
Wheelhead Swivels ±60°
Floor Space Requirements 61″ x 108″
Machine Net Weight 2780 lbs.
Face Mill Grinding AttachmentHas a horizontal swiveling base with a workspace allowing an up to 15° angle. Allows the operator to simply set elevation and the grinding of depression angles.


Radius Grinding Sharpening AttachmentSharpens the cutting edges of various types of cutting tools that have a curved or radiused profile such as ball end mills, corner rounding end mills or T-slot cutters.


Radius Grinding Corner AttachmentUsed to grind an accurate radius on the corner of teeth on face mills, shell end mills or other tools where a sharp corner is needed but the tool radius has become dull with use.


Helical Grinding AttachmentIt sharpens or regrinds the cutting edges of various types of cutting tools that have a helical or spiral shape such as twist drills, end mills or taps.


Motorized Workhead with 4” ChuckHolds and rotates workpieces during the grinding process to improve efficiency and accuracy.


Internal Grinding AttachmentUseful for applications where the ID or internal diameter of a workpiece must be precisely ground to achieve a specific shape or finish.


Workhead Indexing AttachmentA versatile tool with a 24-tooth indexing plate that can be used in a variety of applications, including gear cutting, drilling, milling and grinding.


Grinding Wheel Spindle ExtensionConsists of a spindle extension that is attached to the existing grinding wheel spindle to improve the efficiency of grinding operations and allow for greater flexibility in grinding tasks.


Surface Grinding AttachmentConsists of a base that is mounted on the machine, holding a motor-driven grinding wheel. Allows operators who frequently work with flat workpieces to grind their surfaces to a high degree of accuracy and surface finish.


Drill Point AttachmentSharpens the tips of twist drills, regrinding step drills and center drills to improve the accuracy and efficiency of drilling operations, leading to better quality workpieces.


Lathe & Planner Tool Grinding AttachmentSharpens lathe and planer cutting tools to a high degree of accuracy.


5C Collet CloserAllowing for the clamping of workpieces, this accessory consists of a collet chuck that is mounted on the machine’s spindle to hold 5C collets of different sizes.


5C Collet Closer Set, 1/16”, 1-1/8” (1/16” Increments)A set of 5C collets of various sizes that range in size from 1/16” to 1-⅛”, all in 1/16” increments.


Wet Grinding / Splash Plate AttachmentDesigned to catch the coolant and direct it onto the grinding wheel during wet grinding operations, this attachment is used to cool and lubricate the grinding wheel, preventing overheating and extending machine life.


Dust CollectorA system that removes dust and other airborne particles from the air generated during manufacturing processes.