The LeBlond name is legendary because we provide high-performance and reliability with every machine. When you need a manual lathe, you can rely on LeBlond. Here are two of the industrial high speed manual lathes that we currently offer:

LeBlond RKL-1300G Manual Lathe

This iteration of the LeBlond RKL-1300 series has a 14” swing over bed and 32”, 40”, or 60” distance between centers. This precision high-speed lathe with a geared headstock comes with the following features:

  • Heavy-Duty Spindle – The headstock spindle is machined from forged alloy steel. The lubrication channels provide a contact bath of oil to the two precision tapered rollers and one precision ball bearing to extend the life of your machine.
  • 16-Speed Headstock – This lathe comes with 16-speed selections and provides fixed spindle speeds up to 2,000 RPM.
  • Wide Bed with One-Piece Base – The one-piece machine floor base is made of solid, durable, cast iron. The 2V and flat solid bed structure provides rigidty that assures accuracy and maximum stability.

LeBlond RKL-1300V Manual Lathe

Just like the RKL-1300G, the RKL-1300V has a 14” swing over bed and 32”, 40”, or 60” distance between centers. While similar to the RKL-1300G, the RKL-1300V allows the operator an infinitely variable speed range.

  • Variable Speed Spindle with Electronic Control – Controlled by an Variable Speed Frequency Drive, the two headstock gear ranges offers an infinitely variable speed range between a low range (20-400 RPM) and a high range (40 to 2,500 RPM).

These are just two of the precision high-speed manual lathes that you can purchase from LeBlond Ltd. Contact us today for a quote.