In previous post, we discussed LeBlond’s machine tool parts support for LeBlond lathes and mills, K.O. Lee equipment as well as Standard Modern, Deka Drill, Johnson Press and W.F. & John Barnes machinery.

Now we get specific with a case study of the cross feed screw. This is a hardened ground screw for the part of the lathe that moves in and out across the X-axis to get the lathe in position to make a diameter cut.

Cross Feed Screw’s Special Design

The cross feed screw, especially the nut, is a heavy wear machine tool parts item on a lathe like LeBlond’s classic Regal model. You might have to replace the nut two or three times over twenty years before having to replace the screw.

LeBlond parts are OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. This means that the parts are built to the original specifications and drawings that the manufacturer drew up.

The cross freed screw is an example of a unique OEM part. It does not have a standard acme thread like a square thread. It has, rather, a V thread that makes replicating this screw difficult.

Off the Shelf Ain’t an Option

“You can buy an acme screw off the shelf, but it will not match ours,” says John Cook, LeBlond Ltd. Customer Service Representative. “It’s not the same thread as ours.

If you try and go after market for the cross feed screw, you will run into difficulty.

“After market parts are not held up to the same tolerances as OEM parts,” says Cook. “Like parts for cars, after market is not as solid and durable as original equipment. A lot of people try and make parts and end up calling us anyway.”

OEM = Cost-Effective

So your best option is to go with OEM parts for your equipment. LeBlond’s pricing makes this decision easy.

“Our parts pricing is very reasonable,” Cook explains.

“If you bought a part for one of our lathes and something from a competitor, LeBlond’s price is going to be about a third less in price. We want to keep our product running in the field. If you price parts too high, people are going to discard your equipment and the line will become obsolete. Machinists appreciate LeBlond because we keep the prices down.”

The bottom line is that it is more cost-effective to buy OEM parts than to shop after market or build something on your own.

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