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In this post, we cover the added features on our website that will help you find machine tool accessories for your LeBlond or K.O. Lee equipment much more easily. 


LeBlond has two Brothers from different mothers who remodel websites, not properties.

When they are not hosting Lessons with LeBlond, a popular new manufacturing live stream, this dynamic duo turns LeBlond’s website into a dream resource of useful information for machinists, buyers and educational institutions to gather information on machine tool accessories for LeBlond and K.O. Lee equipment.


Source Optional Accessories on LeBlond’s Website

LeBlond’s Website “Brothers” have revised to make finding machine tool accessories for lathes, mills and grinders much more dynamic.

Accessories like digital readouts boost the capability and versatility of our equipment, allowing for a wider range of machining operations and materials. 

They also contribute to improved accuracy, precision and automation, leading to cost savings and reduced errors.

Finally, accessories like mill coolant systems enhance safety and ergonomics in the workplace, creating a more comfortable and efficient environment for machine operators.


Speaking of Accessories…

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What Is the Difference Between Standard and Optional Accessories? 

Most of you understand this difference already.

But let’s do a quick review in case any beginners might be reading this:

Standard accessories are included with the base machine and cover the basic functions. These accessories typically include essential components like tool holders, tailstocks, work-holding fixtures and basic safety features like guards. Accessories “in the box” are designed to cover the most common and essential machining tasks, ensuring that the machine is operational and can perform its primary functions.

Optional accessories are add-on components that can be purchased separately to expand and optimize the machine’s capabilities for specific machining needs. They provide customization and flexibility, allowing machine operators to tailor their equipment to meet their unique requirements. Some examples of optional accessories include digital readouts (DROs) for precise measurements, power feeds for automated movement, coolant systems, specialized tooling or attachments for specific machining tasks.


On our newly remodeled website, you’ll find accessory images and descriptions of what they do and their benefits.

Newall DRO

Newall DROs

This system measures the linear movement of machine axes, typically the X and Z ones, to provide faster, more accurate and more consistent readings and eliminates the need for manual calculations.


Lathe Chucks like a 20” 4-Jaw Independent Chuck with D1-11 Mount

The independent jaws make it easier to accommodate different workpiece sizes and shapes. The D1-11 mount ensures a stable connection to the lathe’s spindle. This type of chuck is often found in heavy-duty and industrial lathes due to its size and versatility.


XYZ Axis Powerfeed X/Y/Z Axis Power Feed

An X-Axis Power Feed is a device typically mounted on the side of the milling machine and consisting of a motor, gearbox and control unit. It is used to automate the movement of the machine’s X-axis horizontal movement table and can be integrated into the machine’s control system.

Y-Axis Power Feed works on a milling machine to automate the movement of the machine’s Y-axis table or front-to-back movement.



z axis powerfeed

Z-Axis Power Feed

It automates the movement of the LeBlond mill’s Z-axis table or vertical movement. Its rapid feed allows the operator to move the position quickly rather than having to crank the knee up and down manually.



YZ Axis Microfeed Y/Z Axis Microfeed

The Y-axis microfeed is a feature that allows for exact movements in the Y-axis direction of a K.O. Lee surface grinder to create precise dimensions and tolerances in the final workpiece.

The Z-axis microfeed allows for exact movements in the grinder’s Z-axis direction, enabling operators to make precise adjustments to the position of the cutting tool.


Ok Cool, Where Are These Optional Accessories On Your Website?

Here’s a quick guide to finding them:


Go to and identify our navigation bar.


Click or tap on LeBlond or K.O. Lee Machines and choose the machine class you’d like to explore. 

Click/tap on “VIEW DETAILS” to see more features and specifications. 


Scroll down to the tabs and click/tap on “OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES”.

Repeat this process to see other optional accessories for other equipment.  


But That’s Not All!

Our Web Brothers have added other features to simplify your browsing experience.

If you want specific machine customization or can’t find a particular machine you are looking for, just fill out a simple form and a sales engineer will reach out to help with your requirements.


Machine Tool Accessories Made Easy

Our Web Brothers have remodeled our site into a dream online property to make finding and learning about LeBlond and K.O. Lee machine accessories and customization as easy as a short scroll or simple form.

If you are interested in our sale on a new Newall NMS800 or need more information on our machine tool accessories, please get in touch:

  • Please leave a comment, and we’ll be happy to help.
  • Or call +1 (888) 532-5663 and dial Option 2

We look forward to hearing from you!



  • Our new website features will allow you to find and learn about LeBlond and K.O. Lee machine tool accessories more easily.
  • Optional accessories are additional components that can be purchased separately to expand and optimize the machine’s capabilities for specific machining needs. 
  • LeBlond’s website also includes simple forms for machinists, procurement specialists and educational buyers to request customization and information on unlisted equipment on the site.