Riddler: What kind of machines have ears?

Batman: A train has engin(ears) …


You are not Adam West having to face the Prince of Puzzlers and his green suit with a giant question mark on it. You are machinists with questions on LeBlond Regal lathes.

Below are some non-riddles we’ve gathered from search engine queries, customer questions on our contact forms and material from our LeBlond Insiders Facebook group:

  1. How much horsepower does a 17” (or any other model) Regal lathe have?

The horsepower of the main drive motor originally used at manufacture date determines the horsepower of a LeBlond Regal lathe. We suggest you utilize the serial number to help us determine the exact horsepower on your Regal motor. See this video for help on finding the serial number on your LeBlond Regal manual lathe.

  1. Should an operator wear gloves when operating LeBlond Regal lathes?

Due to liability, we recommend that machine operators should follow all safety instructions listed in the machine’s manual. See this post and this one about safety features on your Regal or current RKL engine lathe. We also recommend you follow all ANSI safety guidelines and especially safety rules posted at your machine shop or facility.

  1. What year is my Regal?

Give us the serial number and we’ll look up machine history for shipping date and age. For those blessed with Internet sleuthing skills, there are publications available that list various manufacturers serial numbers and dates. LeBlond, however, claims no responsibility for the accuracy of these publications. The best option is to find your serial number and contact us at +1 (888) 532-5663 or leblondusa.com

  1. Where are the oil drains on LeBlond Regal lathes?

The locations of various oil drain holes on a Regal including the headstock, quick change box and apron are shown in your machine manual. You can find a manual for your machine by contacting the LeBlond Parts department. The drain plugs can be easily identified in the lubrication section or exploded parts sections of your manual. Often, the oil drain holes are located near or at the bottom of the units that use an oil bath system where the oil is not used to lubricate the spindle bearings, only the gears.


That is the sound made when Batman crushes an adversary as well as the sound of your hand figuratively slapping your head because we answered your non-riddle LeBlond Regal lathes questions. If we didn’t answer your question or you have one not listed above, hit us up in the comments below.

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