LeBlond Ltd. provides LeBlond Regal lathe parts, not mortgages. The two, however, are related.

Let me explain.

LeBlond Regal Lathe Parts Does History Better than a Museum

Recently, I had to sign a mountain of papers for a mortgage. It wore my hand out; there were so many dead trees passing my way.

The mortgage company called me a month later and said there was a clerical error with one page and if I could locate said form in the mountain that was collecting dust in my garage.

I spent an hour of mind-numbing frustration, navigating the paperwork in a garage steaming from the summer heat with no luck finding said form.

We Have Lathe Records from the Jurassic Era 🙂

Recently, Amos Heil, a 30-year old self-taught machinist from Missoula, Montana bought a LeBlond Regal lathe, a 1943 15” x 42” roundhead model.

Amos needed information on the machine and was interested in LeBlond Regal lathe parts to make some improvements on his new toy.

LeBlond provided Amos with a copy of the original sales order. From September 29, 1943. 76 years ago!

I can’t remember what I ate for dinner yesterday let alone provide a financial record from a few months back.

LeBlond is so on top of LeBlond Regal parts, they can provide you with the original bill of sale going back nearly a century.

LeBlond Regal Lathe Parts Support Beats Competitors

“I got a 1943 LeBlond Regal lathe and the company totally supported it, “Amos observed. “It made me feel good that LeBlond continues to support their product whether it’s primary or secondary.”

Amos refurbishes used cars. He was working on an older pickup truck when he and his friends discovered they needed a part that was no longer available. Amos’ machinist friend said this wasn’t a problem and proceeded to machine the part on his manual lathe.

This was the moment Amos decided he needed an engine lathe of his own. He shopped online for a used machine and his decision came down to a LeBlond Regal and an Atlas manual lathe.

He consulted machinist Facebook Groups who recommended the LeBlond for their parts support.

Other Brands: Need Parts, No Dice!

“I contacted Atlas,” Amos remembers. “I couldn’t find any support for their machines. If I ended up stripping up any of the Atlas gears, I wouldn’t be able to replace them.”

Besides, the gears of the Atlas were made of aluminum zinc and brass alloy that Amos felt were relatively soft compared to the much harder metal of the LeBlond Regal gears.

Keep it in the LeBlond Family

Amos wants to make some money from his Regal and eventually upgrade a newer LeBlond. He has his eyes on the RKL 15” manual lathe with electronic variable speed.

The Regal, with the outstanding LeBlond Regal lathe parts support, is a family affair. His 5-year old son Hunter helped his dad disassemble and clean the lathe. Amos and his wife Samantha’s 1-year old Cyrus is very excited to touch the lathe while his father and brother work on it (see Amos and his boys in the picture above).

Reliable Parts Support for Centuries

So, if you’re looking for a reliable, durable manual lathe, go with a LeBlond for their LeBlond Regal parts support. If you’re like me and struggle with paper, trust LeBlond who can reproduce records as far back as the 1940’s.

“If they can support a machine that long ago, it speaks to the quality of [LeBlond’s] machines,” Amos said.


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