Need LeBlond replacement parts? You are in the right spot! In this post, we identify some common ones and explain what they do.

History of LeBlond Replacement Parts

R.K. LeBlond founded the R. K. LeBlond Machine Tool Company to manufacture metal lathes in 1887. The company grew steadily, particularly during World War II, with the strong push of American manufacturing to support the war effort.

In 1981, LeBlond took on a new iteration with a joint venture with Makino Milling Machine to become the LeBlond Makino Machine Tool Company. In 1996, LeBlond Makino Machine Tool Company became Makino.

LeBlond Lathe Parts was founded in 1997 to focus on the service and support of all LeBlond lathe equipment manufactured since 1887. In 1998, after acquiring the W. F. & John Barnes Company, the company’s name was changed to LeBlond Ltd to repurpose itself as a complete supplier of machine tool equipment and parts.

With the above history in mind, keep in mind that LeBlond still provides lathe parts as far back as the WW II era as well as more recent parts for its newer lineup of RKL lathes.

Common Lathe Parts

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Part: Gear Cluster

Part Number: P01563

The gear cluster is a component of the headstock, specifically the intershaft. The lathe headstock supports and aligns the spindle and its bearings, belts, pulleys and gearings.

LeBlond lathe part E11479

Part: ZVM or “The Blue Box”

Part Number: E11479

This is the Zero Velocity Module (ZVM) or “The Blue Box,” a replacement for the original mercury-type zero speed switch on older LeBlond lathes.

LeBlond lathe part P01484

Part: Tailstock Spindle

Part Number: PO1484

This is the tailstock spindle that is particularly helpful in keeping long and slender workpieces level and free of “chatter” when cutting.

LeBlond lathe part F00761

Part: Drum Switch

Part Number: F00761

The drum switch is a component of a lathe headstock and helps the machine change direction from forward to reverse or vice versa.

How to Buy Parts

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