The LeBlond lathe serial number and drain plug locations are frequently asked questions when it comes to newer as well as older LeBlond’s.

There are two areas to find the serial number on your machine and three locations for the drain plugs in the headstock, gear box and apron, respectively.

If you have an older LeBlond, the serial number locations are identical. The headstock drain plug differs though from the location shown on the video below.

This video also details the recommended oil to use in LeBlond lathes.


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LeBlond Lathe Serial Number & Drain Plug Locations Video Transcript

Hey, how’s it going? I am Greg Ditulio with LeBlond and, today, we’re going over two locations to find your serial numbers on your lathe. And, also, drain plug locations.

First off, we’ll go over one of the serial number locations. It is going to be on the back of your bed, back near the tailstock. It’s going to be right here … this is one of the locations where your serial number is.

The second location is back behind the electrical cabinet. On all of our machines, we stamp the serial number, model number, amperage, voltage and that kind of information on a plate and mount it on the back of the electrical cabinet. These are the two locations for your serial numbers.

Next up, we’ll go over your drain plug locations. There are two locations for drain plugs. Your headstock and, here, you can take the cover off. Here is the drain plug location for your headstock, and, to fill your headstock, you fill your oil cap here.

For your gearbox, to fill the gearbox, you pour your oil in here and to drain it, your drain plug is right here.

The type of oil we recommend using DTE26 lightweight hydraulic oil. That’s what we use on our machines and that’s what we recommend.

A third location for a drain plug for your apron is going to be underneath here on the bottom of the plate. I don’t know if the mirror is going to pick it up best, there’s 10 screws underneath to hold the plate in. In between these 10 screws, smack dab in the middle, there is a set screw. The set screw is your drain plug and that’s what you want to loosen up to drain the oil from here.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at LeBlond. I appreciate it. Thank you very much.