While it might not be the ideal time to buy a new house or take that early retirement you’ve been dreaming about, if you’re looking to boost productivity by purchasing a new machine or two from LeBlond, then right now is the best time to do it! 

LeBlond Ltd is offering a promotion of 10% off of any stock machine over $10k. This could deliver savings of up to $6,171 and a larger discount may apply if multiple machines are ordered.

LeBlond produces a LeBlond Suite of machine tools that includes:

  • RKL-1332 Lathe – comes in geared head or variable speed spindle, 14” swing, and 31.5” distance between centers
  • LVM 9”x48” Vertical Knee Mill – electronic variable speed, mechanical speed, or 16-speed step pulley, automatic power drawbar available, power feed capability available
  • LHS-10 Horizontal Bandsaw – manual or variable speed bandsaw, main drive motor with 2.0 HP
  • LVS-50 Vertical Bandsaw – blade shear and grinder, brush for cleaning lower wheel drive
  • LDP-25VS Drill Press – continuous variable transmission, digital tachometer display, safety guard with shut off micro switch

LeBlond has a variety of lathes available for purchase outside of the educational lathe that is included in the LeBlond Suites. Precision high-speed lathes, precision high-speed heavy-duty lathes, and precision heavy-duty lathes are also in the inventory. The vertical mill is also available in different table sizes.

The K.O. Lee Machines line features surface grinders and tool & cutter grinders. The four surface grinder models are:

Surface grinders are an essential tool for part finishing. A grinder can be used to not only get mirror finishes, but it is crucial to get extremely accurate and parallel edges on parts.

Tool cutter grinders are machine tools that sharpen tool bits, milling cutters, and other cutting tools. The two K.O. Lee models are the 40M tool cutter grinder and the 60M tool cutter grinder.

LeBlond Ltd is offering a 10% discount on all new machines

If you are in the metalworking industry and have been needing to add some new machines to your inventory, there’s no better time than now to do it. With the quality selection that LeBlond has and this amazing promotion that is being offered this month, it’s a great time to invest in your business and see that investment come back in the increase in productivity. 

That offer again is 10% off of any stock machine over $10k for a savings of up to $6,171, and if multiple machines are ordered a larger discount may apply. 

And when you order from LeBlond, we ship using a security divider or load & protect service for freight delivery of your new equipment. These services safeguard your machinery behind a partition. You can rest assured that your machine will arrive in sound working condition. It’s one of the benefits of being a one-stop shop! 

If you’re interested in the purchase of a new machine or machines, please call (888) 532-5663 and select option 2 to discuss pricing and discounts. Or click the button below to complete a custom quote. 

We look forward to hearing from you!