You have a whole set of different screwdrivers and it’s a hassle. You’ve got the smaller head for the screws on the kitchen cabinet door hinges that keep coming loose. Then you’ve got the larger head for the auto work. That’s why you buy a multi-head screwdriver that gives you one tool with a variety of uses.

Think of K.O. Lee Expanding Mandrels as the multi-head screwdrivers of machine tools. This product is sold by LeBlond Ltd. and offers easy-to-use, multiple sizes that allow you to effortlessly machine parts. The Expanding Mandrels will hold work from thin sleeves and bushings to heavy castings and forgings. The mandrels are primarily used for grinding, turning and milling.

With the general-purpose sets of arbors and sleeves, you have five units ranging from the KMO to the KM4. These sets have a range of expansion from 3/8”  (9.53mm) to as wide as 2 ½” (139.7mm). With the competition’s mandrels, a machinist might need to buy as many as eight sets to attain this range.

The general-purpose mandrels are used for tool room, home shop and light production work. The heavy-duty sets are used for larger operations including rough and finish cutting.

You can read more about K.O. Lee Expanding Mandrels here and download the complete list of sizes.

These tools are not only flexible, but also accurate. The precision ground arbors and sleeves provide pinpoint accuracy within 0.001” (0.025mm) or better. You can buy the K.O. Lee Expanding Mandrels in any set of combinations. You can buy a complete set with arbor and sleeve, arbors only and/or sleeves only.

If we’re using our screwdriver analogy, you need to buy fewer tools to give you a wider range of uses. The wide range of expansion means that you do not have to buy an individual mandrel for each application and job. This versatility ultimately saves you save money on tools whether you’re a hobbyist working out of your garage or a heavy-duty machine operator working in an industrial capacity.

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