LeBlond wants to give machinists all the necessary bells, whistles and brain to get the job done with maximum precision and is pleased to extend their February promotion until March 31, 2015 where a customer can receive a free two-axis Newall DP700 digital readout (DRO) with the purchase of a LeBlond RKL 1300, RKL 1500 or RKL 1900 engine lathe.

Customers can click here or call (888) 532-5663 Ext. 202 for a personalized quote on a manual engine lathe. LeBlond will also install the Newall DP700 DRO at no charge. This promotion is a $4,000 value and gives machinists an invaluable tool that maximizes their lathe cutting time by reducing tedious hours spent measuring and performing calculations.

The Newall DP700 DRO is a precise, measuring system that serves a communication hub between the operator and the LeBlond RKL Series manual engine lathe. The Newall DP700 measures movement on the RKL table and saddle in terms of direction, distance and location.

The DP700 features many convenient enhancements that gives a machinist absolute mastery over his or her craft:

  • The two-axis Newall DP700 contains precise resolutions down to 0.0001”
  • The DP700 has a 99 tool offset and programmable memory
  • The DP700 has an φ > IP67 environmental rating and will provide accurate and reliable readings when submerged in water, oil or coolant.

LeBlond RKL Series engine lathes give machinists all the power and brawn to accommodate the machine’s DRO brain:

  • The LeBlond RKL Series metal lathes share φ > 14” to 20” swings in diameter and 30” to 60” distance between centers.
  • The RKL Series engine lathe possess a durable, solid cast iron base to give an operator the heft needed for accurate, dynamic cutting.
  • The RKL’s feature electronic variable speed headstocks with medium to high-range torque from 20-2200 RPM.

By extending their Newall DP700 promotion into March, LeBlond aims to give machinists a timeless match. “The DP700 is as vital to our RKL engine lathes as a dance floor is to a pair of swanky dance shoes,” says LeBlond Ltd. Sales & Operations Manager Aaron Juillerat. “ With Spring kicking off, LeBlond wants to reward machinists with two intrinsically-designed, interdependent machine tools that will allow their productivity to skyrocket on the shop floor.”

Don’t miss our LeBlond lathe promotion until March 31st where you receive a free two-axis Newall DP700 digital readout with the purchase of a RKL 1300, RKL 1500 or RKL 1900 Series engine lathe. Check out the offer here. If you’re interested in new LeBlond manual lathes, K.O. Lee grinders or need original OEM parts for LeBlond, K.O. Lee, Standard Modern, Johnson Press, Deka Drill and W.F. & John Barnes equipment, fill out a contact form here.